By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

Last off season New York Giants GM Joe Schoen signed Quarterback Daniel Jones to a 4-year deal at $160M. Daniel Jones had a horrible season and suffered an ACL injury that sidelined him for the remainder of the season. However, Jones contract has a clause after year two and with arguably the best quarterback class in recent years in the 2024 draft; it makes sense for the Giants to invest in a young commodity due to Jones poor performance and injury history (two neck injuries & an ACL). This will be part 1 (Quarterbacks) in a series of 13 articles breaking down the top 5 prospects at each position for the 2024 NFL draft.

  1. Caleb Williams (USC) 6’1/215: Williams won the Heisman Trophy in 2022 and didn’t disappoint NFL teams with his performance during the 2023 season with a stat line of 30/5/3633. On the flip side, Williams led all quarterbacks in turnovers, so there is a concern there. The Chicago Bears (holds Carolina’s pick) still haven’t showed their hand on whether they will stay at #1 or trade back. Projected Top 3.
  2. Drake Maye (NC) 6’4/225: Maye had a strong start to the season, but faltered a little in the final 4 games with a stat line of 24/9/3608. Maye has the size and arm strength NFL team’s covert and he is currently projected to be the second quarterback off the board. Projected Top 5.
  3. Jayden Daniels (LSU) 6’4/210: Daniels won the 2023 Heisman Trophy with an outstanding season with a stat line of 40/4/3812. Daniels is the best dual threat among the quarterbacks entering this draft, but is a bit raw in certain areas. Daniels is projected to be the 3rd quarterback off the board and it would benefit him to develop and not be rushed in his rookie season. Projected Top 5.
  4. Michael Penix Jr (Washington) 6’3/214: Penix could arguably have been in the top 3 quarterbacks taken in this draft if not for his history of injuries. Penix stat line of 33/9/4218 rivals any of the other top tier quarterbacks, but where he gets selected will be solely based on how teams view his durability. Projected mid to late Round 1.
  5. J.J McCarthy (Michigan) 6’3/205: McCarthy does not have the stat line like many of the other quarterbacks in this draft (19/4/2630), but that is more geared towards the offensive system at Michigan. McCarthy is the youngest quarterback in my top 5, so going to a team that is willing to be patient and develop him, would benefit both sides. Projected mid to late Round 1.

Honorable Mention: Box Nix (Oregon) 6’3/217: I was contemplating putting Nix as my #5 choice instead of McCarthy for two reasons; one being his experience at the college level and secondly his stat line (45/3/4508). It’s not a reach that perhaps an NFL team might view Nix the better prospect than McCarthy and we could see Nix get drafted ahead of him. It also wouldn’t surprise me is either McCarthy or Nix fall into round 2 based on the talent of prospects at other positions. Projected mid to late Round 1.

The Giants finished the 2023 season with the #6 pick in the 2024 draft and are in position to select a quarterback if that’s the game plan by the Giants GM Joe Schoen. Many believe that this upcoming draft for the Giants and Joe Schoen is his most pivotal one, which could decide the Giants fate over the next several years. I believe Joe Schoen will not reach for a quarterback in RD1 if he’s not 100% convinced. Next Article Part 2 featuring the Running Backs.