By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

This will be part 7 in a series of 13 as I breakdown my top 5 centers in the 2024 NFL draft. The Giants drafted JMS in round 2 of the 2023 draft, so it’s unlikely that they will invest in a center with one of their 7 picks. However, if Joe Schoen believes that one of the centers featured in this article can transition as a guard or perhaps JMS would move to guard. Just making a suggestion, so don’t hold me to it. Here are my top 5 centers in the 2024 NFL draft.

  1. Jackson Powers Johnson (Oregon) 6’3/320: Powers Johnson is head and shoulders the best center in this draft and it’s not even close. Powers Johnson has elite strength, especially in the lower half with exceptional hand placement and sound footwork. Powers Johnson also possesses good lateral movement and is a solid blocker between the tackles and in open space. Projected Late RD1/Early RD2.
  2. Zach Frazier (West Virginia) 6’3/305: Frazier has a wrestling background which he utilizes very well on the football field. Frazier possesses sound hand and footwork technique and shows quickness of the snap. Frazier should hear his name called after Powers Johnson and could start as a rookie. Projected Mid RD2.
  3. Sedrick Van Pran (Georgia) 6’4/310: Van Pran has a dense and compact frame with elite explosiveness off the snap and at the second level. Van Pran does a great job staying on his blocks until the whistle. Van Pran has good lateral movement and enough strength to sustain contact from start to finish. Projected RD3.
  4. Beaux Limmer (Arkansas) 6’4/301: Beaux Limmer is a three plus years starter primarily at right guard before he switched to center full-time during the 2023 season. Limmer has an athletic, lean and wiry build with very good athletic ability and solid play strength. Limmer has experience in a multiple run scheme executing a variety of concepts, but he excels most while working zone combinations and back blocks. Projected RD 5.
  5. Drake Nugent (Michigan) 6’2/301: Nugent started at center in all 15 of Michigan’s games and was named an All-Big Ten First Team honoree. Nugent was also named a Rimington Trophy finalist, an award given annually to the nation’s top center. Nugent utilizes more technique than brute strength and has a knack of getting into great position at the point of attack. Projected RD5.

Each of the 5 centers featured on my top 5 has versatility and have played multiple positions. The center position is certainly not as deep as the offensive tackle position or the guard position in this draft and not a main target for the Giants. However, these centers do have value for any NFL team looking to add depth and talent to their roster. Keep an eye out for part 8 in my series of 13 as I breakdown the DT of the 2024 NFL draft in my next article.