Coaches Corner: Top 5 Cap Casualties Before Opening Day.

By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

The Giants have roughly $4.6M in cap space before the start of training camp and once NFL team’s make additional cuts, there could be some notable players available that could interest GM Dave Gettleman and Head Coach Joe Judge. The Giants will also make some cuts as well and there are a few on the current roster that could be worthy candidates based on either performances or cap savings/dead money ratio. The Giants have quite a few players with no dead money and some of them will be released, however; this list will focus on the top tier players that I consider in danger of being a cap casualty. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 current Giants that could be looking for a new home.

  1. Riley Dixon (P): Dixon only has $250K of dead money and $2.675M of cap space savings. If the Giants are comfortable with Ryan Santoso or find a least expensive option through the waiver wire, they could release Dixon.
  2. Lorenzo Carter (OLB): Carter could be removed from this list if he is deemed fully healthy from his season ending injury (Achilles Heel) in 2020; which has been reported thus far. However; If Carter shows any side effects from his Achilles heel surgery and/or can’t return to his early form from 2020, he could suffer the same fate as Ryan Connelly did last season. Carter carries only $262K in dead money and roughly $2.2M in cap savings.
  3. B.J Hill (DL): Hills NFL career started out strong with 5.5 sacks as a rookie, however; since his rookie year Hill has seen his playing time decline and if he struggles early in training camp, he could be looking for a new home. Hill carries a $257K hit in dead money and roughly a $2.2M in cap savings.
  4. Dante Pettis (WR): Pettis could be the odd man out with the added additions the Giants made this off season at WR. Pettis carries no dead money and would give the Giants an added $1.36M cap savings. The Key to this move will be the health/production of John Ross in pre-season.
  5. Isaac Yiadom (CB): Yiadom is in a similar position as Pettis at the CB position and could have trouble beating out Rodarius Williams. If so, his $970K cap savings with only $100k in dead money could go a long way for other positions of need.

The savings amount for these five players would be roughly $9.78M with only $869K in dead money. As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, there will be other cuts as well as the roster could look like a revolving door before opening day. Excluded from this list was Will Hernandez who only carries $875K in dead money and roughly a $2.2M in cap savings. Hernandez could have made this list, but I believe the Giants want to give him every opportunity to succeed as they didn’t address the offensive line in the draft and only signed journeymen Zach Fulton and Jonathan Harrison in the off season.