By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

The Giants are sitting at 1-2 after two disappointing losses at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with a combined score of 70-12 sandwiches in a come-from-behind win against the Arizona Cardinals 31-28. For me, the biggest concern with this team is not the fact that they are 1-2, but rather why they are 1-2. The simple answer to this is that the Giants have shown no urgency, no passion, and more importantly no execution on both sides of the ball. With 11 days off until they face the Seattle Seahawks, the Giants must find a way to fix a lot of issues that they have displayed over the first 3 games. Here are my top 3 ways the Giants could win and/or lose.

Top 3 ways they could win

  • Defense Awakens: Allowing 98 points in the first 3 games is criminal, especially with the lack of execution in the proper technique of tackling. Lastly, let’s put Kayvon Thibodeaux and Isaiah Simmons into defensive packages that fit their talents and give them more freedom to rush the passer.
  • Offensive Line Finds a Way: The return of Andrew Thomas is a blessing and I do understand that the rest of the projected starters (Bredeson, McKethan, MichaelSchmitz and Neal) are still very young. However, it’s time to start performing or at least let’s see some improvement.
  • Balance attack, follow the script: With or without Saquon Barkley, the Giants must establish a running game and stick to the script longer than 1 quarter. This will help Jones in the passing game and allow him to move the ball. A ground game by committee which includes Jones on RPO plays will keep defenses more on their heels. Lastly, play Jalen Hyatt more (only 15 snaps and 1 target against the 49ers), doesn’t make sense to hold him back.

Top 3 ways they could lose                                                        

  • Losing the battle in the trenches: This has been a common theme for at least 9 of the 12 quarters thus far and if the Giants want to turn this season around, they need to start winning the battle in the trenches as it will open up other options.
  • Continue to show poor tackling: Let’s be honest here Giant fans, has anyone seen a worse display of poor tackling than what we’ve seen in the first 3 games? For me, poor tackling reflects a lack of passion and a lack of effort; which should never to tolerated. Time to wake up Giants and take pride in your play.
  • Failure to stop 3rd conversions: The Giants have surrendered a high percentage of 3rd down conversions thus far this season, but it was most noticeable against the 49ers. Good teams do not allow their opponents countless opportunities that extend a drive. The Giants must find a way to stop more 3rd down conversions or it’s going to be a very long season.

So, are the Giants facing a turning point of the season in game 4? Is it time to go into panic mode? These are just a couple of questions I’ve seen on social media and for me; the answer to both questions is “not yet”. With that being said, I do acknowledge that this game is basically a must-win as the Giants have a tough schedule awaiting them. Whether they can turn it around remains to be seen, but I hope to see a team play with more urgency and passion which has been missing for the most part this season.