By Michael Stewart@TheTruthNYG

The New York Giants are embarking on a new under second year GM Joe Schoen after finishing with a 9-7-1 record last season. The Giants are now in position to continue their success in 2023 with a more talented roster, thanks to another era successful draft. After reviewing all the additions and the upcoming schedule I have put together my top 5 predictions for 2023. These predictions are based on key players avoiding injuries and the overall health of the New York Giants roster. With that being said, here are my top 5 predictions serious for 2023:

  1. Giants Offense and Defense top 12: That’s right! this is not a misprint folks. Offensively, with the added weapons and another year under Daboll and Kafka, the Giants offense will surprise a lot of teams and finish in the top 12. Defensively, GM Joe Schoen added bulk along the defensive lineand talent at the linebacker position and in the secondary to push the Giants into the top 12 easily in 2023.
  2. Giants will have Double Digits in wins: For all you naysayers, you might not want to read this, but I believe the Giants are trending upward and getting double digit wins in 2023 is not a stretch by any means. Schoen and Daboll are building a winning culture in Giant land and have already established a winning attitude in 2022, the sky’s the limit.
  3. Giants will have two rookies making the all rookie team: I believe the Giants will have two rookies make the all rookie team in 2023. You can certainly guess who the two rookies would be (offense, defense or both), so I will leave that as a mystery. However, I will say that this rookie class will be major contributors for the Giants in 2023.
  4. Giants will have at least four players make the Pro Bowl: I can see many shaking their heads on this one and perhaps I’m being a bit optimistic, but I don’t so. The Giants have many of their young core players and also new additions aligning themselves in great position to earn a spot as a 2023 Pro Bowler. As a matter of fact, it would surprise me if it’s more than four, but for the sake argument, I’ll keep it at four.
  5. Giants will have at least one player accumulate Double Digits in sacks: It’s been a while since the Giants a player accumulate double Digits in sacks (Leonard Williams 2020 with 11.5). Again staying off the injury list will be a key factor here and I believe we will see at least one player top the double digit sack category in 2023. In fact, I would be shocked at all if we saw two players accomplish this feat, but for now I’ll keep it at one.

There you go Giant fans; these are my top 5 predictions. Let me know what you think or more importantly let me know if I missed one or even two that are more realistic. The New York Giants franchise is heading in the right direction and I firmly believe that Joe Schoen along with Brian Daboll are making all the right decisions to get this team to be a legit playoff contender for many years to come.