Coaches Corner: Giants stay at #5/#8 in the draft after embarrassing lost to the Bears 29-3.

By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The Giants are now 4-12 with another lack luster performance against the Chicago Bears. Let’s get a look at the current top 10 draft board and see how the other teams did in week 17 and with only one game remaining in the season.

  1. Jaguars: 2-14 (Lost to the New England Patriots)
  2. Lions: 2-13-1 (Lost to the  Seattle Seahawks)
  3. Texans: 4-12 (Lost to the San Francisco 49ers)
  4. Jets: 4-12 (Lost the Tampa Buccaneers)
  5. Giants: 4-12 (Lost to the Chicago Bears)
  6. Carolina: 5-11  (Lost to the New Orleans Saints)
  7. Seattle: 6-10 (Jets Pick) Beat the Jacksonville Jaguars
  8. Bears: 6-10 (Giants Pick) Beat the New York Giants
  9. Washington: 6-10 (Lost to the Philadelphia Eagles)
  10. Falcons: 7-9  (Lost to the Buffalo Bills)

With only one game remaining in the season, these three teams can still impact where one of the Giants two 1st rounds could end up. Let’s breakdown each team’s final game and project a win or a loss.

  • Houston Texans (4-12): The Texans have a strength of schedule of (.498) and will play the Tennessee Titans; which the odd makers project a loss and finishing at 4-13 with the 3rd pick in the 2022 draft.
  • New York Jets (4-12): The Jets current strength of schedule is now (.515) and will finish out the season against the Buffalo Bills and are also projected to loss their final game to finish at 4-13 and have their own 1st pick at #4.
  • Carolina Panthers (5-11): The Panthers strength of schedule (.509) is also lower than the Giants and if they share the same record; they will finish ahead of them in the draft order. The Panthers final game (Buccaneers) has them losing and finishing at 5-12 and would hold #6 spot in the 1st round.
  • New York Giants (4-12): The Giants have the easiest strength of schedule among the other four teams (.537) with their remaining game against (Washington). The odd makers have the Giants losing this game and finishing at 4-13.

The Giants draft picks are still sitting at #5 and #8 and it take upset win by either the Texans or the Jets for the Giants own 1st round pick to move up higher than its current spot at #5.  Keep an eye out as we continue to track the top 10 teams in the draft and see how this unfolds over the final week of the regular season.