By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The New York Giants limp into week 4 with a 0-3 record with last week lost to the Atlanta Falcons 17-14. Their next opponent will be the New Orleans Saints who are 2-1 thus far. The Giants have looked like a 0-3 team and what makes matters worse is that they haven’t won at New Orleans since 2013. Here are my top 5 ways the Giants can somehow get their 1st win of the season.    

Check List:

  1. Open up the playbook: Here I go again, sounding like a broken record as offensive coordinator Jason Garrett failed to be creative against the Falcons and put together a boring offensive game plan. It appears Garrett will still be the OC this week, so should we expect a better game plan? We all certainly hope so.
  2. Defense Needs to Show up:  The Giants defense which was the backbone of this team in 2020 has disappeared in 2021. Also, to add salt to the wound one of their best defenders Blake Martinez suffered an ACL injury last week and it out for the season. Talk about the cards being stacked up against them, but somehow this team must find a way to put in a solid effort.
  3. Create Turnovers: The Giants need to be opportunistic in this game and must be extremely aggressive and force quarterback Jameis Winston to beat them and focus a game plan around running back Alvin Kamara. So that means loading the box, more blitzes packages; anything to confuse Winston into throwing un-advised passes.
  4. Red Zone Conversion: This category has been the main nemesis for the Giants dating back years as they continue to struggle in this department.  Simple fact folks, if they fail to be productive in the red zone in this game; they will suffer their 4th lost of the season and remain winless.
  5. Show some urgency: Football is a game of emotions and passion, and if you don’t display these intangibles; winning games will be hard to come by.  you simply will not have the urgency to compete. I’ve seen only glimpses of it this season, but for the most part this hasn’t been the case. The time has come to be ready to play and leave it all on the field.

The Giants appeared to have a solid roster on paper coming into the season; the only problem is that the game is not played on paper, but rather on the field. A positive fan would say that the Giants could have easily won two out of the first three games. A negative fan would say that the Giants need to dismantle the current roster and start all over. However; a realistic fan would say that bad teams find ways to lose and that’s what the Giants are doing. There’s no other way to sugar coat this as I just can’t find it in my heart having the Giants pulling off a victory this week.

Final Score: Saints 27/Giants-13