By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The New York Giants host the Atlanta Falcons in a match against two winless teams (0-2).  The Falcons strength will come from the offensive side of the ball led by quarterback Matt Ryan. The Giants offense played well in their loss to Washington; especially quarterback Daniel Jones. If the Giants want to win their 1st game of the season, here are my top 5 things they need to do:

  1. Open up the playbook: Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett has been getting a lot of criticism on his plan calling dated back to last season. Many experts suggest that the Giants offense is extremely predictable and Garrett needs to think outside the box. This week against the Falcons would be a good time to open up the playbook, don’t you think?
  2. Defense needs to wake up: Entering the 2021 season, the only area that all Giant fans felt great about was the Defense. Finishing in the top 10 last season; it was expected once again to be the strength of this team. Well, after two games the Giants have surrendered 57 points and failed to make key stops in both games that could have changed the outcome. This defense needs to wake up or the Falcons could possibly score 30+ points on them on Sunday.  
  3. Time of Possession: This is a stat that the Giants rarely win, but managed to do so against Washington and still lost the game.  The Giants must and I mean must win this category on Sunday and keep the Falcons offense off the field as much as possible or it’s going to be an ugly game.
  4. Create Turnovers: In order for the Games to tip the scale in their favor on Sunday is to create turnovers and capitalize on them. The Giants will not win this game going toe to toe with the Falcons offensively. They need the Defense to help in a big way by forcing the Falcons offense into mistakes.
  5. Red Zone Conversion: The Giants just can’t be productive in the red zone as they failed miserably each week in this category. Well, if they want to be in a good position midway through the 4th quarter on Sunday then they need to convert more in the red zone.

Perhaps it might be a bit too early to push the panic button as we enter week 3, but if the Giants loss this game and go 0-3, there’s going to be a lot of finger-pointing as the media and the fan base will be calling for some changes in the front office. I had the Giants winning this game (pre-season predictions) in a high-scoring affair as it could be decided on which team has the ball last. Final Score: Giants-34/Falcons-31.