Coaches Corner: Giants face Washington in a must win game.

By Michael Stewart @TheTruthNYG

The New York Giants are riding a two game losing streak after a divisional defeat by the Dallas Cowboys 28-20. A late touchdown by the Giants made the score more respectable, but in reality the Giants were out played for most of this game.  At 7-4, the Giants will focus on their next opponent, the Washington Commanders (7-5) at home in another NFC east Divisional game. Here are my top 3 ways the Giants could win:  

  1. A lot of Daniel Jones and Saquan Barkley: During the Giants recent losing streak against the Lions and the Cowboys, the Giants failed to get the most production out of Saquan Barkley with a combined rushing total of 59 yards over those two games. Daniel Jones fared much better with a stat line of 48/79 for 569 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Clearly, the Giants are a more dangerous team when both Jones and Barkley are contributing collectively.
  2. Time of Possession: In the majority of the games the Giants won, one of the categories that they excelled in was time of possession. Sustaining drives and keeping the ball away from the opposing offenses was a formula for success. The Giants need to get back on track and out duel the Commanders in this category.
  3. Defense to the Rescue: Both teams match up fairly even on both sides of the ball. However, it’s the Giants defense that really needs to step up and have a statement game added to their resume this season. A win would keep the Giants playoff hopes alive as the schedule doesn’t get any easier.

Final Thoughts:  The Giants have six games remaining on their schedule with the next four games arguably deciding their fate as a playoff hopeful. These two teams are evenly matched and home field advantage is not a factor in my opinion. I believe the Giants will rise to the challenge and snap their two-game slid with a close nail biter that could be decided in the closing minutes of the game. Final Score: Giants-20/Washington-17