By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The New York Giants continue their losing ways with a hard fought loss to the hands of the Dallas Cowboys 37-34. The Giants offense came alive against the worse defense in football. He Giants defense couldn’t contain the high powered Dallas offense, surrendering the most points in a game thus far this season. Here are my top 3 reasons why the Giants lost:

  • Costly Penalties: The Giants squandered 14 points on two costly penalties that really decided the game. The first one was a great play call by Head Coach Joe Judge on a fake FG attempt, where Jones through a TD pass to Evan Engram. The second was another Jones TD pass; this time to Darius Slayton.
  • Ground Control: The Cowboys surrendered over 300 yards rushing last week against the Cleveland Browns; despite Nick Chubb missing most of the game with an injury. The Giants were only able to mustard up a total of 89 yards on the ground.
  • Red Zone Opportunities: The Giants finally performed well in the red zone going 2 for 3. Unfortunately; the Cowboys performed a little better going 3 for 5; which really was the difference in the game.

Final Thoughts: The Giants finally started a game with urgency and jumped out to a 17-3 lead; which was quickly erased by Halftime with the Cowboys leading 24-20. The Giants are now 0-5 and will prepare for another divisional opponent in Washington who are 1-4 after a 30-10 lost to the Rams. Lots of positives in this game, but there was also some negatives as well with the biggest being a loss. Keep an eye out for my pregame prediction of next week’s matchup between the Giants and Washington.