Starting Over in 2018.  

Regardless of your opinion of the New England Patriots, everyone can clearly admit that Bill Belichick and his executive team execute one thing better than any other franchise in the NFL and that’s building a team.

Every year The Patriots find ways to uncover pure football players. They aren’t always the fastest or the strongest players, but they just get it done, year in and year out.  Over the years..Bill Belichick and his scouts have had an amazing knack for turning someone else’s trash into winners: Corey Dillon, Mike Vrabel, David Patten, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan.

It’s time for the New York Giants to take a step back, clean house and return to finding complete football players.  There is a common thread  amongst players who love the game.   That common trait is…effort.

Regardless of level you play at; Pee-wee football, Highschool Football, D3 college football, SEC football or the NFL…the best players, the best teammates always put the maximum effort into the game.  The NFL changes, today’s player may change, the money changes…EFFORT never changes.   You play for guys in the locker room, your teammates and the logo on the side of your helmet.

Great football players always deliver maximum effort regardless of the wins and losses, bad coaches, or bad teams.  While some will hate Belichick and his ways…he doesn’t stand for the nonsense that is taking place at MetLife Stadium.  He also pulls out all the stops like trading Quarterback Matt Cassel and starting LB Mike Vrabel for Kansas City 2nd Round draft pick. That pick turned out to be safety, Patrick Chung who has been in the starting line up for the Pats for 7 years.

Clean house. @NYGiantsRush

* Giants need to depart from:  Bobby Hart, Roger Lewis, JT Thomas, Janoris Jenkins, John Jerry, Geno Smith, Paul Perkins, Shane Smith, Kerry Wynn, Robert Thomas, Nat Berhe, Jay Bromley, Dwayne Harris, T. King, Zak DeOssie, Keenan Robinson and Rosas.

* Giants that need to become backups/situational players:  Devon Kennard, J. Casillas, D. Tomlinson.

* Giants that you can’t pay big bucks:   Justin Push has been injured back to back years.  How is it that the best offensive lineman the Giants have is injured more than not.

* Giants that might need to move positions: Brett Jones or Weston Richburg.

* Giants that need a pay cut:  Eli Manning, Olivia Vernon, Jason Pierre Paul (MIA), DRC.