Mathias Kiwanuka might be the most unselfish player on the New York Giants roster.    He has been moved from defensive end to linebacker back to defensive end…3 times.

In 2011 Kiwi had 84 tackles and 3 sacks as a linebacker.   That  is production no one wants to be without; however, on Sunday Night No. 94 was back in the fold in a big way.  Kiwi had a break out game with 6 tackles and 2 sacks.  What was the difference?

Defensive Coordinator, Perry Fewell did an excellent job of getting Kiwanuka more involved with the game plan, executing more stunts, and shuffling the front four personnel; however, the major difference came when the former first round pick was lined up down in the trenches.

Surprisingly,  he was joined by defensive captain Justin Tuck.   It’s a thankless job, but the two world-class defensive ends made all the difference on the inside, showing Aaron Rodgers he had little chance to run the ball with success.

Rodgers is exceptional outside the pocket as Giant fans have seen in the past; however, with a fierce inside push from Kiwanuka and Tuck, Jason Pierce Paul and Umenyiora could  push up the field and into the backfield.  The results was a constant harassment of Arron Rodgers and five sacks.

Against Washington…we can hope Perry Fewell dials up the same game plan.  Strength with speed on the inside works.  The Washington Redskins gashed the Giants for over 249 yards.

– Craig J. Santucci/Giants Rush Senior Editor