A New Giants Anthem is born! Wolf on Wall Street

I have sat in Giants Stadium/MetLife Stadium for over 25 years…since I was a little kid.

Over that time there has been a few times seasons that adopt an “anthem” that becomes not only universal for the fans…but pumps up the players, putting a huge electrifying current in stadium.

The Wave – In the 80’s – there was the three deck wave.  The lower and the upper deck going one way…the middle going against the grain.

LT! – When you needed Taylor to change the game or make a huge play….out came the LT! LT!   LT! – from that minute on the chant turned Lawrence Taylor into LT and he singlehandedly took over the game dominating offensives every where.

Dexter Manley -Dexter! Dexter!  Fans had some fun at the Redskins Defensive End expense before the 1986 championship game.  He gave the crowd the finger!

Tiki – Yes, Tiki Barber turned into a complete jerk, but for years the crowd roared TIKI as he destroyed defenders on way to 10,000 yards.

Ballin – Osi Umenyoira brings in “We Fly High” by hip hop recording artist Jim Jones in 2006.   This immediately catches fire and the entire team is shooting jump shots every time they make a big play.   “Ballin” becomes the anthem of the team and the fans are shooting “J’s” in the stands.

Stomp you outMichael Strahan brought this new rally cry to the 2007 Super Bowl run.  Strahan juiced up the team with a huge jump into the air, so he could “Stomp You Out”.  The defense all got involved with numerous leaps.  This also caught fire…as Strahan “Stomped” at City Hall and during the Super Bowl dedication speech.

Wolf on Wall Street – October 17 2016 – The Wolf on Wall Street chest thumping hits the PA system.  Oh my goodness…the players are beating their chests on the field.   The huge Metlife Stadium video screens shows Casillias, Hankins, JPP, Jenkins, and others pumping their chests to the Matthew McConaughey/Leo DiCaprio’s chest beating scene in Wolf on Wall Street.

The stadium follows along…4th and Goal. Huge Stop!  A new anthem is born!