This will be part 3 in a series of 13 as we review the Tight End position in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft. The Tight End position is not as deep as the Wide Receiver position, however; NFL can find talent among most of the rounds; especially on Days 1 and 2. Here are my To 10 Tight Ends in the 2021 NFL Draft.  

  1. Kyle Pitts (Florida)-6’5/239: Pitts is a pure thoroughbred at the tight end position as he possesses the highest upside in his class. As a receiver, no other tight end comes close to Pitts, but as a blocker this is where Pitts struggles. In the right NFL system Pitts could be a 1,000 yard receiver, however; in the wrong system Pitts could struggle to reach his potential. Pitts is projected to go in the top 15 of the 2021 NFL draft.
  2. Pat Freiermuth (Penn State)-6’5/250: Freiermuth is more of a traditional tight end than Pitts or Jordan as he works best as an in-line tight end Freiermuth is a devastating blocker and equally devastating to bring down. Freiermuth can also produce in the slot or as a hybrid in the backfield. Freiermuth could hear his name called on the backend of the 1st round or early on Day 2.
  3. Brevin Jordan (Miami)-6’3/245: Jordan is not as talented as Pitts as a receiver or Freiermuth as a blocker. Jordan overall is a solid prospect as he could go early on Day 2 in the 2021 NFL draft.
  4. Hunter Long (Boston College)-6’5/253: Long has moved up into the Top 5 in this year’s tight end class and with good reason. Long displays solid blocking and receiving skills that enables him to line up anywhere on the field. Long could be a Day 2 pick with a strong finish of the season.
  5. Kenny Yaboah (Ole Miss)-6’5/230: Yeboah is arguably the most overlooked tight end in this class and could end up being a steal in this draft. Yaboah wiry frame suggests that he can add more weight and strength without affecting his mobility. Yaboah is averaging an astounding 20.4 yards per catch and is a solid blocker as well. Yaboah is projected to be selected early on Day 3.
  6. Charlie Kolar (Iowa State)-6’6/245: Kolar doesn’t jump out at you when you watch him on film. However; little by little you see attributes in his game that really impress you. Kolar is a reliable receiver and is efficient as a blocker. Kolar doesn’t have that elite ability, but what he does have can’t be measured on the football field. Kolar is a blue collar prospect that will only get better as an NFL tight end and will most likely be a Day 3 selection.
  7. Nick Eubanks (Michigan)-6’5/256: Eubanks is very athletic and often wins the one on one battle’s against opposing linebackers in the passing game. Eubanks is also efficient in the blocking game and can be a productive tight end at the next level. Eubanks could be an early Day 3 selection in the 2021 NFL draft.
  8. Jeremy Ruckert (Ohio State)-6’5/253: Ruckert production at Ohio State will not get him drafted as the Buckeye’s offensive system doesn’t feature the tight end position as much as the wide-outs in the passing game.  However; when Ruckert does get the opportunity he doesn’t disappoint as he shows soft hands and the ability to get open. Ruckert should be a Day 3 pick.
  9. Tre’ McKitty (Georgia)-6’5/241: McKitty has been utilized by the Bulldogs as a swiss army knife as he lines up outside, in the slot, along the line and in the backfield. McKitty’s versatility and ability in the passing game and as a blocker will only help his draft status. McKitty likely will be drafted on Day 3 of the 2021 NFL draft.
  10. Trey McBride (Colorado State)-6’4/260: McBride is a throwback of your traditional Tight Ends as he is primary an in-line TE who possesses an overall skill set that includes reliable hands, toughness after the catch, solid blocker and the ability to more the chains. McBride is not the most athletic TE in this year’s draft, but he is arguably the most tenacious and hardest worker. McBride should be a Day 3 pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

The Tight Ends in this draft offers a wide variety of talent as we could see more drafted than expected. Although this class might not produce many future Pro Bowlers, they will be serviceable and contribute strongly for their respected teams that draft them.