As Craig Santucci pointed out earlier today, the 2014 Giants are an improvement over the 2013 version, but have struggled lately owing to injuries.

That impact can be felt, perhaps, mostly in the running game, where Rashad Jennings has missed the last two games, and the Giants have dropped them both.

Now, Jennings missing the games and the losses don’t have a direct cause-and-effect relationship, but lack of depth in the running game certainly hasn’t helped an offense that has looked stagnant against the Eagles and Cowboys.

After a few good games in a row, Andre Williams had a stinker of a performance in Dallas on Sunday, toting the ball 18 times for 51 yards, 22 of those coming on one carry.  Peyton Hillis was marginally better, netting 29 yards on six carries.

We’ve talked seemingly ad nauseum the past two seasons about how the Giants have lacked a good ground attack, and for a few games there early this year, it looked like Rashad Jennings was the answer.  He was so good, that despite missing the last two games plus with an MCL sprain, he is still the second-rated running back according to Football Outsiders in terms of DYAR (127), DVOA (22.7%), and EYAR (555).  Getting him back against the Colts in two weeks (barring any setbacks) will be huge for this offense, to provide it for some much-needed balance.

And that will be needed because while Williams has shown improvement from the beginning of the season, he is not someone who at this stage can take on the role of pretending to be a number one back.

At least the running game is one area where the injury issues should hopefully be cleared up before too long.

Joe Vasile | Featured Columnist