Don’t take it personal, it’s only business.

Those are the only words that could describe the news that Ahmad Bradshaw was being handed his walking papers Wednesday, as he joins Chris Canty and Michael Boley as the latest victims of the Giants new direction.

With the Giants projected to be over the cap for the 2013 NFL season, New York was expected to make some roster shakeups- fans got an earthquake instead.

While the Giants may have cleared a little over $13 million from their books, and placed themselves under the cap, the effects of these moves, most notably Bradshaw’s release, will be felt throughout the offense.

From pass protection, to running routes and hitting holes, Bradshaw gave the Giants a little bit of everything on offense, something his expected replacements are not ready for.

David Wilson is only enetering his second season in the NFL, and will now be called upon to be the man. Wilson saw only 71 carries in his rookie campaign, that number will pale in comparison to workload he is about to undertake.

Last year we saw his inexperience and a lack of pass protecting skills take him out of games, and while his explosion and play-making ability are unquestionable, his size and stamina are definitely things that will need to be monitored throughout the early parts of next season.

The other option New York is faced with will be to bring back Andre Brown who is a restricted free agent.

Brown, who is recovering from a broken leg, will give the Giants more of a physical approach to the game, which is now a vacancy in need of filling.

The move to release Bradshaw, who is still only 26 years-old, is definitely a gamble the franchise shouldn’t be making with next years Super Bowl set to take place at MetLife Stadium.

Bradshaw could still return to New York at a cheaper price, but the former Super Bowl champ is expected to fetch a much better deal on the open market than anything the Giants will offer.

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