Something about undrafted linebacker Dan Fox, who was recently promoted from the practice squad reminds me of former linebacker and Giants hero…Chase Blackburn.   There high school success took them to two very different colleges, Fox to Notre Dame and Blackburn to Akron; however, there seems to be a very similar thread.

Both backers did not attend the NFL combine, nor were these two players drafted, yet the New York Giants saw something special in them.

But there is more.  Fox and Blackburn were both born and raised in Ohio and have the ability to play inside and outside linebacker.  Neither players are overly athletic or possess elite speed but something in their game translates to the next level.

Fox graduated with a Business degree and Blackburn with a degree in mathematics, proving these two players can be cerebral in their approach to the game.  A smart linebacker goes a long way in becoming a vital cog in the Giants defense.  While they both are deemed “downhill” linebackers, Blackburn has proven hard work, film study and versatility can secure you a place in the NFL…even the opportunity to become a Superbowl champion.

The Giants will always have a place for hardworking guys like Chase Blackburn.

No one knows what the future holds for Dan Fox; however, the past shows that Big Blue has had success with a hard nose linebacker with something to prove. 

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor