With this year’s NFL Draft only hours away now, rumors are swirling regarding the possible choices your New York Giants may make with the 12th overall selection. But, the additions to the team won’t end there, and Big Blue has not wasted any time this offseason looking at options for their later round picks.

In early April, the team hosted a local workout day, where they were able to take a look at a number of players from all over the Northeast. Among those the Giants looked at were players from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, which is located not too far from the team’s facilities in East Rutherford.

Twin brothers, Jamal and Jamil Merrell, have made moves at Rutgers, and are just two of the group from the university looking to make it in the pros. Although neither brother is project to be drafted within the seven rounds, they both show potential to be excellent free agent signings heading into training camp.

Jamal Merrell, linebacker, Rutgers University

One half of the Scarlet Knights’ Merrel twin duo on defense, Jamal was a playmaker at outside linebacker. Although not invited to participate in this year’s NFL Draft Combine,¬†Jamal showed promise in his college career as a three year starter. He also participated in Rutgers’ pro day. Despite some issues in the injury department, Jamal has proven to add versatility on defense. His speed, as well as hitting power, are attractive qualities that open him up to be a possible special teams player. Jamal also has experience on the offensive side of the ball; he originally came to Rutgers as a wide receiver.

Jamil Merrell, defensive line, Rutgers University

Like his brother, Jamil was not invited to the Combine this year, but has not let that stop him from keeping a competitive mindset heading into the draft. Although said to lack finesse in his play, Jamil has been praised for his strength and solid presence on the defensive line. With the loss of Justin Tuck to Oakland, the Big Blue defensive line has come under scrutiny, and could definitely serve themselves well by adding depth at the defensive end position. Jamil also dealt with injury woes during his senior year, but put up impressive stats the previous season, racking up 5.5 sacks.

Alexis Celluro | Featured Columnist