Is NFL Draft Leaving New York for Chicago?

That is devastating news for Giants fans!

Yes, the money hungry machine that is the NFL is looking to move the 2015 NFL draft to another city and Chicago leads the way according to Peter King.  While the New York Giants and Jets fans are a bit spoiled having the draft on their home turf since 1964, great cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angles, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee have all been a host city to the draft.

The Radio City Music Hall top brass did not do itself any favors by making the NFL move its 2014 event to Mothers Day Weekend.  I am sure Chicago would be a great city to return to; however, if you’re a 2015 draftee…there’s no better place to be invited to then New York City.

I am sure that if the NFL wanted to keep the event in New York they could find a half a dozen other venues that would bend over backwards to accommodate the NFL.  The Giants fans always make a good showing at what they deem their home court venue. 

Mike Florio of also reported that the 1st round of the draft would most likely move to a broadcast network and away from ESPN(cable).   I don’t think Mr. Florio has looked at the ratings over the last 5 years.

Cable television owns the ratings in most day parts and as network TV continues to fall year after year.   The biggest shows in country are on cable from Monday Night Football to the Walking Dead.  

And the last time I checked…Comcast owned NBC and Time Warner. 

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor