By Michael J Basile  @mdoublejb

Free agency has you all scrolling through Twitter and refreshing your pages often enough to give you carpal tunnel. That’s what happens in the NFL when one league year ends and the new season officially begins.

Free Agent Frenzy:

The frenzy of free agents being cut, signed, and re-signed is at an all-time high.  What are the odds the Giants hit the winning numbers and sign a handful of impact players?  So far…the Giants are making an effort to improve.  Here are my recent takes on some recent events.

Appetizers, anyone?

Don’t judge a meal based on a side dish.  Yes, it is frustrating when your first signings are a backup running back and a failed first-round wideout. I was even disappointed but before completely killing Big Blue, let’s see the full picture. Free agents are still out there and the draft is around the corner.  The meal is still being prepared.

Golladay Doesn’t Change Draft Plans

It would be monumental if the Gmen landed Kenny Golladay. (Free Agency Odds Give It A Good Chance) But as far as the draft goes, signing KG would just mean the Giants will not go into the draft desperate to draft DJ weapons. It will allow the Giants to operate from a position of strength. And if you think the Giants pass on Florida Tight End, Kyle Pitts at 11 just because of free agency, you’re probably wrong.  

Big Splash vs Roster Depth 

Roster depth is underrated. Everyone gets all jazzed up about the big splash players but the teams that win and go deep into December and January tend to have key role players as backups. The Giants are bringing in the right pieces. Every player brought in has value to a roster, whether it’s a #1 wideout, a backup guard, or a 4th cornerback.   

Bam! Fresh Takes.