Posted by Craig J. Santucci

Since December Giants fans had been dreaming of drafting a NFL ready left tackle.  Prior to the 2013 season ending Will Beatty had broken his leg as an encore to giving up 13 sacks, 6 in his last three games.

There were four or five premiere stud college lineman ready to make an impact in the NFL, yet the Giants did not draft one.  Instead they drafted a speed burner wide receiver from LSU.  The red flags went high into the New Jersey sky over Met Life Stadium.

A receiver?

LSU has not turned out many NFL offensive stars, yet the Giants did have some flashes of greatness from wide receiver Rueben Randle.   The analysts and the bloggers talked every one off the ledge and the fans began to embrace Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham has not taken the field in almost two months.  His stock is dropping fast and everyone knows when you miss camp…there is a great chance you never take the field healthy again.  In so many cases, nagging injuries persist and it becomes a lost season.  We can only hope that past does not repeat itself.

See missing OTA’s and training camp is more than timing, more than connecting with your teammates.  OTA’s and training camp teaches your body how to train, how to recuperate and what will be needed to make it in the NFL.

Almost every athlete I can remember that missed camp only got re-injured during the season or was shut down at a certain point. While Giants fans want to see what ODB can do, we are already moving on without him.

I am confident Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo are too.