Michael Stewart | NYGiantsRush Contributor

It’s been nearly a week since the 2014 NFL draft and I have been very critical of Jerry Reese in this recent draft. My main problem with Reese is that he displays no creativity in regards to benefiting from a very deep draft. Reese had ample opportunity as the draft unfolded to add additional picks for the Giants to help improve the team.

Unfortunately; for whatever reason he did not. Below is my version of how Reese should have handled the draft; based on the availability in each round.

Round 1: By all reports Eric Ebron and Taylor Lewan were Reese’s most likely targets who had a realistic chance to be available at 12. With both players off the board, Reese should have traded back at 12 to somewhere between picks 18 to 25 for an additional pick in round 3. The only team that drafted a WR between 13 to 25 was the New Orleans Saints (Brandin Cooks) at 20.

If by chance, the Giants did trade back (with the Chargers at 25) and lost out on Beckham (the Saints select him over Cooks), then the Giants could have selected Kelvin Benjamin if they still wanted a WR. Benjamin is a big target that the Giants and Eli have been missing since Plaxico Burgess. Benjamin would have been a serious threat in the red zone.

Round 2: Based on all the reports I’ve read and researched, the Center position had no players rated as a 1st rounder and also not one center was heads and shoulders better than the rest. With that being said, Reese had two options here in round 2.

Option 1: Draft Cyrus Kouandjio (OT), Stephon Tuitt (DE/DT), Timmy Jernigan (DT) Moses Morgan (OT) or Scott Crichton (DE) over Weston Richburg. All five players were rated higher than Richburg at their respected positions and all filled a need. Reese could select any of the above five players mentioned and still draft a center (Marcus Martin or Travis Swanson) in the 3rd round with the extra 3rd round pick received in their 1st round trade.

Option 2: Trade back again (3-5 spots) for an additional 4th rounder and draft any of the 5 mentioned that was still on the board.

Round 3: Let’s assume Reese choose option 1 in round 2. He now has 2 picks in the 3rd round. Instead of drafting Jay Bromley, who is a reach in round 3 and was projected to go somewhere in rounds 5 or 6 and rated 19th overall among DT and #215 overall. Reese should have selected with the his 2 picks in the 3rd round 2 of the following players (Marcus Martin (OC),Travis Swanson (OC), Gabe Jackson (OG), Will Sutton (DT) Louis Nix III (DT), Kareem Martin (DE), Will Clarke (DE).

Round 4: Let’s assume Reese did Option 2 in the 3rd round. Now he has 2 picks in the 4th round. Love the pick of Andre Williams, so let’s keep that selection. As for the other selection, the Giants could have had a choice among the following players (Keith McGill (CB), Martavis Bryant (WR) if they didn’t select one in the 1st round, Vereen Brock (FS), Brent Urban (DE).

Round 5: For argument sake, let’s assume the Giants had drafted the following players thus far.

1-Kelvin Benjamin (WR)
2-Moses Morgan (OT)
3A-Marcus Martin (OC)
3B-Louis Nix (DT)
4A-Andre Williams (RB)
4B-Keith McGill (CB)

With that in mind, the Giants could have selected the following in the 5th round:
Round 5A: Ed Stinson (DE): Overall solid against the run and pass and a much-needed addition to bolster the pass rush.

Round 5B: Devon Kennard (OLB): Gifted player who has had issues with durability. Value pick in the 5th round on special teams and LB depth, if he can stay healthy.

Round 6: Eric Pinkins (FS): Big, tough and would fill a need on special teams and on certain Defensive packages.

This is not me playing Monday morning Quarterback as all of these moves were available to Reese at the time of each round. Again, Jerry Reese showed no creativity or boldness to really make this draft for the Giants special. So which draft selection would you rather have, the Giants selection or mine?  Jerry Reese picks my picks:

1-Odell Beckham JR (WR) 1-Kelvin Benjamin (WR)
2-Weston Richburg (OC) 2-Moses Morgan (OT) of Scott Crichton (DE)
3-Jay Bromley (DT) 3A-Marcus Martin (OC) & 3B-Louis Nix (DT)
4-Andre Williams (RB) 4A-Andre Williams (RB) & Keith McGill (CB)
5A-Nat Berhe (SS) 5A-Ed Stinson (DE)
5B-Devon Kennard (OLB) 5B-Devon Kennard (OLB)
6-Bennett Jackson (CB) andere 6-Eric Pinkins (FS)