What is wrong with the New York Giants?

That is question I asked myself over and over as I watched the San Diego Chargers dismantle the Giants.   Shouldn’t this team be a NFC version of the Patriots…winning consistently every year, going to the playoffs and being at the top of their game year in and year out?

You would think that an ownership group, a head coach, an offensive coordinator and an elite quarterback that has been together for 10 years could function like a well oiled machine and consistently be a dominate force in the NFL. However, over the last few years there has been a terrible downward trend that the talent on the field can not over come.

1. The Coach: While Tom Coughlin has a ticket to the Hall of Fame, his loyalty to Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride is just plain sad.  Under his watch he has allowed this coordinator to have full power over the offensive that always with no accountability.  His staunch approach to change, playing rookies and “playing not to lose”, instead of “playing to win” has this franchise at a cross-road as he sails off into the sunset.

2. Gilbride: The New York Giants have won two Super Bowls despite Kevin Gilbride.  The simplest task of getting the play into the huddle on time is a chore year in and year out.  His lack of creativity and ability to correct the bad mechanics of his quarterback is flat-out disturbing.   Gilbride holds this team back and the fact that his offense can not run a screen pass is alarming and worse…the “draw” is the Giants go to play.

3. Jerry Reese: While the GM has had some shinning moments his delivery of crippling sized contracts to average players such as David Bass, Mathius Kiwanuka, Will Beatty and Corey Webster has prevented this team from getting any better.  His lack of draft success has left this team without skilled back ups and future starters.   In 2013 he gambled on a healthy Chris Snee, Andre Brown, JPP, and David Bass.  He grounded the ship.

4. Will Beatty: In just two games(Redskins & Chargers) he has given up 5 sacks, 2 holding penalties, and numerous missed blocks.  He is a not a left tackle.  In 2014 the Giants cannot do “more of the same”.  Beatty must move to right tackle.  His success in 2012 came from a big strong tight-end(Martellus Bennett) helping him anchor the left side.

Beatty’s contract is fully guaranteed in 2013 and 2014, and he’ll collect $24 million over the first three years(8 a year). The offensive line needs and overhaul at Left Tackle, Left Guard and Center.  Beatty’s contract is crushing all future moves.

5. Brandon Myers:  Myers is a Tweener.  He is not a Tight End and he is not a Wide Receiver.   The best Tight Ends are big & strong who can run and block.  Myers has become a major flaw in the offensive plan as he is the worst blocking Tight End in football. He drops too many balls, runs too many wrong patterns and is terrible after the catch.

He happens to be Eli Manning’s 4th Tight End  in 4 years. Myers play has been terrible and makes the offensive one-dimensional.  Adrien Robinson needs to start in 2014.

6. Pass Rush: Too slow.  A few short years ago there was a talented stack of pass rushers on the Giants.  In 2012-2013 the pass rush has all but disappeared because the current crop of ends are too slow.  Opposing quarterbacks have all day to throw the ball and while Justin Tuck had a good year, JPP and Kiwanuka are pedestrian.  The missing ingredient is speed.

Enter Defensive End, Demontre Moore drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft.  This player could have easily made a difference yet the stubbornness of Coughlin and Fewell has the player on the sideline.   Only a string of injuries and frequently penalties to Kiwanuka has forced Moore on the field.  It’s sad to say, but Kiwi is done, he is a one-dimensional pass rusher who is vastly over paid.

7. Eli Manning: Eli Manning needs a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback coach.  If Eli is to have another 5 or 6 successful season he will need a young offensive coordinator to install a new offensive scheme that is not up to interpretation.  Every time Randle, Murphy, Jernigan and Myers are on the field they run the wrong route.  Enough of this garbage, read and react offensive scheme.  The quarterback NEEDS to throw to a spot.

More importantly, Eli isn’t getting any younger.  He needs to find someone to correct his bad mechanics before his tools erode.   When bad seasons start to stack up No. 10’s star starts to fade.  Manning also needs consistency, not interchangeable parts.  4 Tight Ends in 4 years is terrible.  Eli needs a big target that can run down the middle of the field and score.(see Jason Witten).

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor NY Giants Rush