The Giants winning streak lasting over three weeks led by Tommy DeVito was fun. It made Sundays bareable during a season where fans continued to get punched in the face, leaving everyone scrathing thier heads and asking where the magic went.

Offensive Coordinator:

For starters…this team needs an offensive coordinator that can develop momentum, stringing a series of plays together that actually catches a defense off-guard, putting them on thier heels. This coordinator should be able to create confusion, while finding the matchups. Against the Saints, there were maybe 5 plays that actually resemblemed a competitive, aggressive NFL team.

  • Going for it on 4th down – Barkley finds crack over Pugh
  • Crossing route – Waller over the middle
  • Out route behind the corner – Robinson on sideline
  • QB RPO – Devito pulls it for 14 yards
  • Crossing Route – Slayton for 19 yards

Bills Fire Dorsey

A perfect example of good change was when the Bills struggled this season they decided to fire Offensive Coordinator, Ken Dorsey on November 14th. Since then the Bills have won four straight beating Jets, Eagles, Chiefs & Cowboys. Scoring over 120 points!


Being a Quarterback in the NFL isn’t for every D1 prospect. There are 32 different teams, with 32 different styles, 32 different problems and 32 different talent pools.

The Giants need a QB that can process quickly, get the ball out his hands and make decisive throws. The more you watch the Giants QB room, the quicker you realize how long they hold the ball. Too long. This QB needs to be smart, big enough and tough enough to withstand the punishment standing behind an offensive line that is a work in progress. The Giants lead the NFL with sacks given up.

This rookie QB may need to put on 15 pounds of muscle and purposely find alternative points of training & treatment. ie: Yoga, Plyo, Accupuncture, etc. You can see that even with Tyrods Taylors experience, his 6’1 215 frame takes a pounding. The Eagles, Cowboys and Commaders have 112 total sacks year-to-date. The Giants need to draft a QB that can handle the New York bright lights, the press and more. Then let him compete against Jones. I like Maye, Penix and McCarthy, but it’s almost impossible to know who is going to thrive here.

Offensive Line:

Year in and year out the New York Giants scouts fail to evaluate the right talent. I had heard that GM Joe Schoen had no say on what scouts stayed or where let go. I have no idea if that is true. What I do know is…year after year, the Giants Offensive Line coach fails to coach up, correct and develop lineman that can play consistantly at the NFL level. Since the Giants last Super Bowl(2012), Big Blue has drafted 15 Offensive Lineman in 9 drafts.

One has panned out (Thomas). Schmitz does look like he will develop into a good player.

  • 2012 – McCants, Mosley
  • 2013 – Pugh
  • 2015 – Flowers, Hart
  • 2017 – Bisnowaty
  • 2018 – Hernandez
  • 2019 – Asofao-Adjei
  • 2020 – Thomas, Peart, Lemieux
  • 2022 – Neal, Ezeudu, McKethan
  • 2023 – John Michael Schmitz


I have heard fans say, “Maybe the Giants can make a trade for an established lineman.” It sounds great…but we all know how hard that can be. Who’s trading away good lineman? Free Agents are other NFL teams over paid headaches. It’s a tough spot when you can’t develop lineman, so at somepoint you just scrap the draft capital and find someone who wants to deal. Break the cycle.

Wide Receivers:

The Giants have long list of “B” graded wide recveivers. Defensive backs are not scared of Slayton, Robinson, Hodgins, Shepard, Campbell. Hyatt has some speed, but hasn’t had enough targets and has dropped some routine balls. However, is it the scheme or the talent? Do these scrappy possession receivers have enough talent with the right QB or does the crappy scheme give an average QB no chance to succeed. I watch DeVito and Jones hold the ball too long and miss receivers from not reading the field. I watch receivers run straight into coverage, no mismatches, no confusion…so of course they aren’t going to be open. They don’t even clear out one side and dump back into the open side.

Something needs to change.