What is wrong with Giants QB Eli Manning

Eli Manning might be having his worst season in over ten years.   He looks skittish and simply displaces terrible judgement when you need Easy E the most.   Half the fan base is barking at Manning for his in accurate throws, fumbles and his in ability to tell what color jersey his wide receivers are wearing.

The other half the fan base, the blind faith sector, completely blame the Offensive Line for the lack of talent and Jerry Reese’s ignorance in believing that some of these guys have NFL starting ability.

So has Eli Manning has lost it or did the Offensive line never have it?

Let’s look at the Offensive Line first.   Ereck Flowers has had to over come a lot in his life, especially losing his mother at very young age.   His massive size and strength have delivered him to the NFL.  However, the NFL scouts were 100% correct about his skill set. He is a mauler and lacks technique.   Last night against Dallas was not the first time he almost got Eli Manning killed.   Let’s not forget the play he pulled and let Sean Lee BLOW UP Paul Perkins.  He hinges at the waist, lunges and frequently is prey to defensive ends with quickness and good hand skills.  He is not a left tackle. Period.

Justin Pugh was a having great season at left guard until he was hurt. Pugh is slightly underside at 305 and does need to put on more size and strength to compete in the trenches. His absence is felt by Flowers and Richburg.   Brett Jones who is the back up center and guard filled in nicely but was also injured, leaving Marshall Newhouse to step up, which is never good for the safety or confidence of Eli Manning.

Weston Richburg who many analysts predicted would be a pro-bowler, looks lost.  Way too often he is found holding his helmet in disgust for missing a block or is being pushed back into Eli.  The constant shifting at left guard is hurting him.  John Jerry is having his finest year in Giants blue.  That’s not saying much when you’re the 31st ranked rushing offensive team in the NFL.  Jerry’s play would improve with Flowers at RT.  Jerry is not the long-term answer.

Marshall Newhouse who was playing RT, was over matched each week and lost his job due to injury.  Bobby Hart who has nicely replaced Newhouse is still not good enough.  He is a vast improvement over Newhouse but overall should not be looked at as a permanent fix.

Solution:  Next year Flowers goes to RT, the Giants draft or sign a LT, Hart is put back at RG to compete with Jerry and Newhouse is let go.

Manning:  Eli Manning is a 13 year veteran.   He makes the same mistakes week in and week out.  This is not acceptable for a guy making 18 million a year.  Yes, 18 million.   He has happy feet because he has no time and often just throws the ball up and expects Odell Beckham Jr. to make a play.   What rubs fans wrong is the forcing of the ball into double and sometime triple coverage.  His play action fakes are weak and he is not seeing the field well.  A Tight End needs to be kept in so he can stand in the pocket, which he has rarely done in 2016.

Last night against Dallas in the 2nd half, Eli Manning threw a pass in the flat directly into hands of a Dallas defensive back.  Is he not capable of a simple roll out and throwing to a receiver wearing the same color  jersey.   The tunnel vision is not good for an NFL QB.  He threw 3 balls yesterday that were dropped interceptions.  Eli needs to realize he’s gonna get hit, so he must run a little bit, slide in the pocket and extend the play. While the line is bad, every NFL team deals with it.  He is superstar, he needs to play like it.