NY Giants Game Ball: Week one – Rashad Jennings

While the debate rages on whether Rashad Jennings is truly a featured back, we can say that after the Giants week one victory against NFC East rivals the Dallas Cowboys…the game ball goes to No. 23

Jennings looked very good with the bulk of his yardage coming from running behind Pugh, Richberg and Jerry.   Jerry on numerous occasions “pulled” sweeping across the line to help kick out the tackle or pop a linebacker.  I might also add that no one expected Jerry to be able to do that effectively.

Jennings had 18 carries for 72 yards for 4.2 yards a carry and completely out-dueled the Dallas Cowboys 1st round draft pick Ezekiel Elliot. Thanks to a stout, revamped New York Giants defensive front lead by “Snacks” Harrison and Olivier Vernon, they held to Elliot to 51 yards on 21 carries for 2.5 yards a carry.

Jennings on the other hand seemed to get going as the game progressed showcasing an impressive amount of patience.   On a hand full of runs, Jennings clearly slowed down at the line of scrimmage waiting for the hole development and smashed through with power and speed when the time was right.   His longest run of the day was 17 yards. No one is going to compare Rashad Jennings  to Adrian Peterson but for week one of the 2016 season Jennings showed how valuable he can be.  He carried a few Cowboys on handful of plays turning 4 yards in 7 yards.

If Coach Ben McAdoo dashes in Shane Vereen’s speed and swiftness it will be a perfect combination for success. The two back system is much better than last years four back rotation.

Game ball Week 1: Rashad Jennings