by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

I went to the Giants Eagles game Sunday Nights at Lincoln Financial Field.  It turned out to be one of the most depressing football events of my life.

I have seen the Giants take a beating on many occasions throughout the years; however, this one will stick with me mostly because this team just didn’t look prepared.   There was no passion, no fight  and everyone from the Giants coaching staff to the players were beaten.

10 things I hated about Sunday:

10. McAdoo: Where was McAdoo’s high impact offensive? Even when the Giants were down 17 to 0 the offense still displayed little urgency. Eli still has trouble getting the plays off in time and running the ball at 3 & 25 makes little to no sense. Manning was under constant pressure and still he holding the ball too long.  Williams, Beckham and Parker are just too new to get it done.  I expected more from McAdoo.  He was outcoached!

9. Walton: The offensive line was a disaster giving up 8 sacks.  Walton is McAdoo’s boy held over from Green Bay.  When do the Giants sign charity cases?  He was completely over matched every play.  He should be embarrassed by the effort he put forth. Every opponent remaining on the Giants schedule will use this video to dominant Walton and his average play. 

8. Pugh: Former Giants star defensive end, Leonard Marshall made it very clear during the post game show that the lack of contact and physical teaching showed Sunday Night.   The basic stunts that the Eagles were using were not being picked up due to neglect during practice.  In short, showing a guy the stunts on blackboard should not replace putting the player on the field and actually training to  compete during the play!  Pugh was lost.

7. Randle: Reuben Randle disappears game in and game out.   The only pattern he could manage to get open on was the 10 to 15 come back on the sideline.  The receiver is now thrust into the limelight as the senior member of the receiving squad and frankly he scares no one.  He is not a threat to take it to house or make you miss.

6. Prince: Is he reading his press clippings? Prince Amukamara gave tight end Zack Ertz so much room to run you would think he was covering Jimmy Graham.

5. DRC: Someone in the stands, laughed when he saw DRC on the big screen. DRC is hurt all the time and has been on 4 different teams in 7 years. I’m just not sure this was the best way to spend all that money.

4. Demps/McBride: These two players were exposed by good players.  Band angles, bad coverage, and bad tackling. How far down in Coughlin’s dog house is safety Stevie Brown? Demps is just not the answer at safety and yes there was a Hosley sighting.  Yes, scary where this team is trending.

3. Perry Fewell:   I saw no adjustments to the defense.  Stunts?  NASCAR?  There was nothing confusing for the second year starter(Foles) as he picked apart the Giants defense for over 400 yards of offense.  How does a Tight End run uncovered ALL GAME?

2. The Refs:   Another week of blatant missed calls.   How do the refs get away with giving the Eagles a first down when the entire national TV audience could see the ball was short?  HOW?   How does a pancaked player get hit too hard to get a penalty? 

1. Cruz: You get embarrassed on national TV and you lose your star wide receiver.  This a terrible thing to have happened.  Cruz is a class act and you wish him nothing but the best.

However…if Will Beatty, the Giants overpaid left tackle doesn’t get called for holding, the touchdown catch by Fells does not get erased from the scoreboard and Victor Cruz is still running routes next week.  This is a devastating injury for the team.   He will not be replaced in the locker room or on the field.  Sad day in Giants land.

* Has anyone seen JPP?  If so…please return him to 2011.

** Mr. Mara…the special team define being “broken”.