Rd 6: Tre Hawkins III | Pos: Cornerback | School: Old Dominion

With the 209th Pick of the NFL Draft the New York Football Giants selected Cornerback out of Old Dominion Senior Tre Hawkins III in the 6th round. Hawkins is a very tall CB as he is 6’2”. Over the last two season with Old Dominion, he had 133 total tackles, 2 interceptions (both in the 2022 season) and 14 pass breakups.

What do we know:

It seems by everything you read up on him is that he is a work in progress.  Tre is very strong and fast along with his height. He can be someone who can grow in to being a press corner in the NFL. It was mentioned that he as a pro day for the ages, that helped propel him to be a player to take a chance on. It’s also worth noting he had a nice improvement from the 2021 season to the 2022 season.

 Unfortunately, for whatever reason his mental aspects of the game need improvements whether it’s not reading pre snap calls fast enough and not trusting his brain. Hopefully with the defensive style of Wink Martindale he can show physical abilities and show enough alertness in the meeting room and on the field. For the personnel staff to see his wroth to be on the team.

Making the Team:

As a 6th round pick there is no secret Tre has a big hill to climb but like I mentioned in the paragraph above if he trusts his skills and applies all the hard work to grow where he is weakest in., he can be a depth piece for the Giants for the next few years to come.  

Welcome to New York Tre, all the best.