Will Hill suspended?

How can two safeties for the New York Giants be suspended in the same year for taking Adderall.   I have never heard of this happening, let alone twice to the same team and the same position in the same season.


I am not looking for a conspiracy; however, it’s a joke to think that players need drugs to sign autographs and speak to fans.  Giant fans everywhere were very excited to have the hard-hitting safety from Florida on this team.

He was looked at as play maker who could do a lot of things to help this team win.  I would go as far to say that Will Hill, Rueben Randle and  David Wilson are the three most exciting young players on this team.

With an already decimated secondary, the New York Giants could not afford to lose another player especially for Performance Enhancing Drugs.   How does the New York Giants training staff not know that Will Hill is taking Adderall?   Hill’s will be lost for 4 games following his immediate suspension.  The next time Will Hill can be activated to roster will be on Nov. 5, the day after the Giants play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Giants will miss another  player who had an immediate impact on the defense.  Hill had played in all five games this season and had 7 tackles and a forced fumble on special teams.  His forced fumble this past Sunday against the Browns was recovered by Stevie Brown and led to a Giants touchdown.

While I understand Director of Player Development Charles Way educated the players on ban substances I find it hard to believe that this had to happen.   When did NFL players get nervous around fans?   Does that call into the sports talk radio show really have the Super Bowl Champs young players falling apart with nerves.

Does the media coverage create lack of focus on the football field?   This latest occurrence is poor management from the player, the team and ownership.

written by Craig J. Santucci – Giant Rush Senior Editor