What do these names have in common?

Maclin, Harvin, Heyward-Bey, Crabtree, Wallace, Collie, Knox, Britt and Thomas.   They were drafted in 2009; yet none of these athlete’s are as good or productive as their fellow draft classmate…New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

It’s time for the rest of the football world to acknowledge that Hakeem Nicks has arrived.

No. 88 has been a beast ever since he stepped on the field for the Giants.  Each year, quietly he has improved dramatically and one could say that the recent success of the Giants stems from the connection Eli Manning has with Hakeem Nicks.

The press talks about Maclin’s speed, Britt’s on field prowess and Collie’s success in the Peyton Manning system, but do they have a complete game?

Hakeem has out shined them all without major national press coverage.  The 6’1 208 lbs receiver is strong and pounds press corners off the line.  His speed is good enough to leave the most NFL corners in the rear view mirror and his route running can twist up the best of the NFL safeties.

Hakeem Nicks has shown the NFL what he can do and deserves to be considered a top 5 to 7 wide receiver in the league.  He is clearly the best in his class.   His 5XL hands grab just about every pass Eli Manning throws his way, whether it’s a back shoulder fade, skinny post, down the line screen or the good old “go” route Hakeem Nicks does it all.

Only Mike Wallace, the burner for the Steelers has outscored Nicks 27 to 25 TD’s in 4 seasons.   Wallace has 199 more yards than Nicks; however No. 88 has 28 more receptions to date.

While Nicks and Wallace both have studs quarterbacks, but lets keep in mind that Hakeem Nicks is featured in an offense that has showcased, Steve Smith, Victor Cruz, Mario Manning, Domenik Hixon and now Ramses Barden and Ruben Randle.  There are only so many balls to be had.

The Giants should lock up Hakeem to a long-term deal and let Mr. Nicks break every pass receiving record this team has.   In two just two games Nicks is on pace for a 1500 yard season.  Can it happen…maybe he needs to stay healthy.

Outside of Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings(healthy), Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Marques Colston and Brandon Marshall…Hakeem Nicks is in this conversation.  For the New York Giants, Eli Manning and Giant fans, Hakeem Nicks is an elite receiver and a proven Super Bowl Winner.

2012 – Hakeem Nicks Pro- Bowl

written by Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor of Giants