The New York Giants starting Running Back was buried so deep on the depth chart some people forgot he was on the team.  Da’Rel Scott was the Giants 5th choice to carry load behind Eli Manning.

He was seconds away from getting cut, when Andre Brown went down with injury.  How did the New York Giants not resign Ahmad Bradshaw?

At linebacker…well that’s the same old story.  How did the New York Giants not draft or sign a real linebacker…again?  Retreat linebacker Dan Conner who won the job out of camp was hurt before half time.  How did the New York Giants not resign Chase Blackburn?

See a trend?

While there are 15 games left to play, one might say that the Sunday Night season opener for the New York Giants was one of the “worst” two halves of football Giant fans have ever witnessed in 30 years.

25% of the Giants loss falls upon the players and their poor execution.   75% of the loss fall directly upon the shoulders of Giants GM, Jerry Reese for not singing or bringing in the players that are needed.

Six turnovers!  3 of the 6 turnovers were directly related to running backs not being able to  execute.  Are we sure Will Beatty needed all that money?

Ahmad Bradshaw who was the “heart and soul” of the Giants offense had rushed for over 2900 yards in the last three seasons.  Was that not good enough?  At this stage in David Wilson’s career he is showing that he is not an every down back.

For starters, Giants Head Coach, Tom Coughlin needs to fix David Wilson.  He fixed the fumbling problems of Tiki Barber in 2006 and now he needs to fix the fumbling  problem David Wilson…and fast.

The Giants will now be forced to bring in a running back that the rest of the NFL doesn’t feel like can still play at this level. That candidate is sitting art home on their couch.

I advise Jerry Reese calls someone who is over 220 lbs or just flat-out can block & catch a ball out of the backfield; however, please don’t recall Greg Lumpkin.   Fans are still reeling from that Jerry Reese running back mistake.

Running Backs and Linebackers…fundamental football.  Does it seem all that complicated Mr. Reese?

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor NY Giants Rush