Ugly wins are part of the game.

Yesterday’s win over the Washington Redskins was just that.   In true Giants fashion, Eli Manning once again pulled out a 4th Quarter come from behind win with a 73 yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz with roughly 1:39 left on the clock.  For most of the day…Eli was off.

It was an ugly win.  Until half time the Giants linebackers were blocked, chipped, shoved and mismatched at the linebacker spot.    Michael Boley, who I do think is the Giants best linebacker had a bad game.  Chase Blackburn was repeatedly caught inside, unable to scrap or shed the block on every off tackle running play. The Giants gave up 120 yards to rookie running back Alfred Morris.

The Giants gave up 89 yards rushing to rookie quarterback Robert Griffin.

During the post game show Carl Banks the former pro bowl linebacker for the Giants and radio in-game analyst called foul on the game plan.   Banks said that he thinks the first half “read and react” defensive game plan was not the right game plan, resulting in Big Blue getting pushed around the field.

If that holds any truth…what does Perry Fewell do all week?   I am sure these coaches work 70 hours a week and 20 hours watching video.    How can the Giants come into a game with the wrong game plan vs. one of the most touted rookie quarterbacks in years.  Griffin who is a superb talent made the Giants defense look less than average.

Running back, Alfred Morris was on the second level within seconds and there were no linebackers to be found.  Maybe it’s time for Herzlich to play.

Where is Tuck:  On another note, there is something wrong with defensive end Justin Tuck.  Yes, he made two nice stops, one a sack and one tackle in the backfield; however, he is not the same player from two years ago.  Could he be hurt, maybe he doesn’t like the defensive scheme…I doubt he‘s out of shape, but the spark seems to be gone.

Justin Tuck is a great player and the Giants need him to succeed; however, the every play fire seems to be gone.  While he makes great first contact he doesn’t seem to have the energy or drive to finish.

I sat at the game yesterday and watched No. 91 on many plays just fizz out.   The relentless approach was not there.   There is a case that he was holding back in case RG3 slipped out and around the end; however, his head was down and he was slow to get up on at least half a dozen plays.

This teams needs a healthy Justin Tuck to win.

Enhanced by Zemantawritten by Craig J Santucci – Giants Rush Senior Editor