It is official.

In week 9 the high-powered offense for the New York Giants has become nothing more than predictable.  On Sunday the Giants took on the Pittsburgh Steelers and like clock work…Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride did nothing to help the New York Giants win.INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 02:  Offensive coo...

The offensive strategy has become a routine “feast or famine” game plan, meaning the long ball or nothing.  There are no intermediate plays to keep the defense honest.  Eli and his offense once again abandoned the quick slant, crossing routes over the middle, the quick outs and something good offensive teams call…Play Action!

Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach, Mike Tomlin already said earlier this week that his squad was prepared to see Eli Manning throw the ball up even when his receivers aren’t open hoping for a big play.   

The big play is great for sports center; however, that is not how the New York Giants will continue to dominate in the NFL. Balance is much more important and Sunday Nights game is a perfect example.   Take away the two “pass interference” calls and what do the Giants have?   A stagnant offensive.

At this point the NFL has caught up to the ineptness of Kevin Gilbride using safety help over the top to take away deep “go routes” and deep “post patterns” from Hakeem Nicks, leaving Cruz the only option in the middle.  The third receiver, the back out of the back field and the tight ends are not being utilized.

* Eli Manning is 6 for 38 throwing passes 5 to 10 yards…Predictable.

* In the past 5 games Eli Manning has only 5 TD’s…none in the last two weeks…Predictable.

* Eli was 10 for 24 with 125 yards against the Steelers.  Victor Cruz was targeted  14 times….Predictable.

Eli Manning’s QB rating is on a steady decline.  Something needs to change.  The Redskins, the Cowboys and the Steelers all have the ability to live on the “second level” which is past the line and under the safeties. 

Why can’t Giants play that game.   The answer is Kevin Gilbride.

The game plan once again is down right bad, almost Andy Reid like.  What does that mean?   Andy Reid the Coach of Eagles creates a game plan regardless what the film says, regardless what the tendencies of the opposition is.  His ego says…this is what I want to do and they do it.

The result is a struggling offense.

The Giants have won the past 5 years in spite of Offensive Coordinator Kevin “KILLDRIVE” Gilbride because quarterback Eli Manning has been excellent at changing the play at the line of scrimmage; however, Eli has now fallen in love with the long ball too.  Bad habits don’t win games.

– written by Craig J. Santucci – Giants Rush Senior Editor

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