Eli Manning rolled out the welcome mat for the Seahawks Sunday afternoon to the tune of five interceptions.

Forget the Super Bowl trophies and thrilling comeback wins, this quarterback has been a shell of himself all season, and Sunday’s loss summed up his performance over the past 14 games.

Whether it was a forced pass or a chemestry issue, Manning seemed out of sync with his receivers once again, and was only 1-of-4 for 5 yards and three interceptions targeting Hakeem Nicks, according to ESPN. Victor Cruz failed to fight for a deep pass that lead to another interception.

But wait, it gets worse.

With his five interceptions yesterday, Manning tied the franchise record for interceptions in a season, and now also holds the all-time franchise mark for picks.

The 25 interceptions is also a league leading stat.

As the season continues to spiral down the drain, New York doesn’t have much to look forward to, but they have plenty to address.

Manning has endured his worst season as a pro, his receivers don’t catch passes anymore, and his offensive line doesn’t block. It’s unfair to have Manning shoulder the blame for his embarrassing season, but when you’re the quarterback, it comes with the territory.

With two games left in season, fans should be hoping to see something positive to take away for next year, because this one is a lost cause.

***Sidenote: Hakeem Nicks hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since Decmeber 9… OF LAST YEAR!