Giants Draft pick: Owamagbe Odighizuwa is not the Next JPP

by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

Owamagbe Odighizuwa is not the replacement for Jason Pierre Paul.   The recent 3rd round pick from UCLA will make a nice addition to the New York Giants roster and there is no doubt that “Diggy” will compete with impression passion.

One thing you should not expect is that the 6′ 3″ 267lb pound defensive end to be the replacement for Jason Pierre Paul next year.  JPP has had a few ups and down years over the last few season, including a major spine surgery.   For anyone who has not had nerve damage or a micro-discectomy just understand this injury is put in the category of “player changing” injuries.

With that said, JPP started his NFL career with freaky, unmatched athleticism for a big man of 6′ 5″ 28o lbs.  Since those days, flashes of old have been displayed and more importantly the Giants recognize that “IF” healthy and “IF” in shape, JPP still has plenty left in the tank to secure double-digit sacks and 75+ tackles.

Owamagbe “Diggy” Odighizuwa did show impressive interest from NFL teams as he rose up many draft boards, but let’s be up front about his over all skill set.  The defensive end has had two hip surgeries at the young age of 23.   

His overall straight away speed and agility are excellent, ranking him at the top of the combine group during these skill tests; however, he is very tight in the hips and lacks change of direction ability, something JPP has always done very well. 

Owamagbe Odighizuwa’s power was a disappointment at the combine ranking him toward the bottom of the bench rep category and his “off the line” burst is average at best. Coming out of high school he was ironically compared to Osi Umenyiora which would lead one to believe the hip surgeries have severely slowed the player down.  Osi had an exceptional first step.

 “Diggy” can not be expected to bend the corner as Osi once did and JPP can do now; however,  he does have two fantastic attributes that JPP does not always display…an endless motor and great hands .  JPP has always had trouble shedding large powerful tackles and his conditioning has been in question.

Diggy can play the run well and should be major competition for Demontre Moore  at the left defensive end position.  He is not powerful like Justin Tuck, nor is he a true edge rusher like Osi Umenyoira.  If anything he could be compared to Robert Ayers, last years Free Agency pick up from Denver or recently retired Mathias Kiwanuka

Whether JPP resigns next year or not…we will never know, however, Diggy is not the answer or the air apparent at right defensive end.   He does not possess the power, the front line burst, or the flexibility to make the plays needed at the position.

What he could be… is a solid NFL run stopper with some pass rushing ability for the next 8 years.

2015 expectations: 4 sacks| 35 tackles | 2 FF