The New York Giants were embarrassed regularly throughout the season as opposing offenses had their way against a once dominant force.

The Giants were one of the most feared defenses in the league not too long ago-so where did all the magic go?

The case can be made that most of it left when Steve Spagnuolo packed his bags, but the more obvious reason is the lack of talent on the field field, rather than the sideline.

Chase Blackburn, Michael Boley, and Keith Rivers are not starting linebackers in the NFL. Although the trio performed admirably, the Giants must perform a complete overhaul of the linebacking core to have any chance of comepeteing next season.

Round 1 – Pick 19:
Linebackers Alec Ogletree or Jarvis Jones from Georgia

The hype surrounding Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o has been off the charts, even after the disastrous National Title game,  and teams are drooling at the chance to snatch him up-I’m not as convinced.

Te’o, while very impressive and much improved from his previous year, only managed to rack up two more total tackles than Georgia’s Alec Ogletree in three more games played, not all too encouraging.

Jarvis Jones also outplayed Te’o, leading the country for total tackles for loss and sacks with 24.5 14.5 respectivly.

The duo from Georgia are more athletic and suited for an every down grind than Te’o. Their coverage skills are also above that of Te’o, and make more sense for the Giants’ defensive schemes.

Jones and Te’o will most likly be gone by the time the Giants pick rolls around, but if Ogletree should fall, the Giants need to act fast and snatch up one of the more attractive linebackers in this years draft.

Round 2 – Pick 49
Khaseem Greene – Linebacker from Rutgers

For the second year in a row, Greene took home the Big East Defensive Player of the Year honors, so if the Giants are still looking for a backer in the second round, Greene could be it.

A complete ball-hawk, Greene is always around the football, and the ball-carrier, racking up 136 tackles and six forced fumbles this past season.

After another dominant year, Greene will get a chance to showcase his talent on the big stage on January 26 at the Senior Bowl.  His draft stock could jump by the end of the month, but his value is probably set somewhere around the time the Giants will be set to make their second selection.


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