For the New York Giants: There is still hope

By Andrew Santoro

The Giants have suffered many losses this year. Losses of players, losses of games and perhaps even the loss of some fair weather fans. However, one thing the Giants do still have is hope. It may be rough, it may be tiring, it may even take a little bit of holiday magic, but the Giants are still in the playoff race.

After the Giants loss to the Redskins in week 12, it would appear as if the Redskins had the road to the playoffs mapped out for them, but in true Redskins fashion they fell miserably on their faces to divisional foe, the Dallas Cowboys. What a strange time we live in, when a Cowboys win is beneficial to the Giants. Following Washington’s latest loss, it left the NFC East Division all knotted up again. Week 13 would close out with a three way tie for first place and the Dallas Cowboys one game back.

With the Giants still having to face the undefeated Carolina Panthers and the red hot Minnesota Vikings, capturing the NFC East title will not be easy. Fans are hoping for another dose of Eli Manning December magic.

Which is a realistic expectation for one main reason… Odell Beckham Jr, the raining AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, and one of the NFL’s biggest offensive threats. Manning and Beckham will not be able to do it by themselves, but if the Giants can start to capitalize on turnovers as they did earlier in the season largely in part to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, that may be the extra added dose that they need.

With additional help coming on special teams, from Dwayne Harris, the Giants will hopefully stand to the task before them and capitalize on an otherwise weak division. To highlight another unexpected loss…the Giants have released defensive end Demontre Moore.  The writing was on the wall here and immediately it will put all players on notice. Not many jobs are secure on this team, so expect some increased intensity this week against Miami.

Fans know a Tom Coughlin team is tough, disciplines and well-educated, and even as he nears his seventies there is no question that he will have this team prepared and motivated. Tom Coughlin has never lost the locker room and it would seem that his players would do anything to honor their leaders legacy.

Time has run out on opportunities…and this week the Giants need to put up or shut up against the Dolphins if the are planning on playing ball in January.