3 things the Giants must do to make the playoffs

By Michael Stewart

The New York Giants have made the playoffs was in 2011; which led to a Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots 21-17. Since then, the Giants have been inconsistent and at times painful to watch. Over this 4 year span, 3 key ingredients have been evident which has prevented the Giants to return to the playoffs. If they can manage to overcome these 3 vital mishaps, their chances to make the playoffs will arguably increase.

  • Avoid the Injury bug: The Giants have been one of the top 3 teams over the last 4 years with most games loss to injuries.  Thus far, the injury bug has been front and center for the Giants, especially in the secondary.  Injuries are part of the game and should not be an excuse for any team’s short comings. However; the Giants misfortunes (injuries) and the lack of depth on the roster; are the #1 reason the Giants have been absent from the playoffs since 2011.
  • Offensive Line:  Since 2011, the Giants have been searching for (via draft, free agency, waiver wire, and trades) a solid offensive line that can dominate opposing DL and create running lanes; which in turn would create big plays for the passing game.
  • Turnovers:
  • 2012: The Giants were a +14 in turnovers
  • 2013: The Giants were a -15 in turnovers
  • 2014: The Giants were a -2 in turnovers

Final Thoughts:

Although we are still several weeks away from the season opener, the Giants are already facing obstacles that could directly affect their chances of making the playoffs.  Injuries have already cost them a few starters and weakened their depth.

The OL doesn’t look like at this point that they will consistently push any opposing DL around. Lastly, their turnover ratio must improve dramatically if they want any chance of getting a playoff spot.