By Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

It’s Saturday before the Giants take on the Seattle Seahawks.  At this time next week the boat may have taken on too much water to save anyone.  If the Giants lose another game by more than 14 points there will be a mutiny.

The press will blowing up Eli Manning and Coach Coughlin. Twitter will be on fire killing GM Jerry Reese and JPP with 140 characters or less and every blog across the country will be calling for someone’s head.

The Giants fans are sick of watching a non competitive team. At the end of the day the fans want something to route for. Which brought me to this conclusion?

The Giants lack identity and the right kind of player leadership.

In the 80’s and early 90’s…the Giants offense led by quarterback Phil Simms was smooth and consistent, the crushing defense led by Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson provided Hall of Fame results. The explosive and bruising style of Rodney Hampton and OJ Anderson kept you on the edge of your seat.

In 2007 the quiet leadership of Eli Manning and the in your face leadership of super-star Defensive End, Michael Strahan started slow but caught fire just at the right time. Tying the team together was the un-drafted king of preparation, Linebacker Antonio Pierce and the freakishly talented Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress.

In 2011, the left over leadership from the Strahan’s tenure saw Justin Tuck raise another trophy with Eli Manning by his side. Since then what would you say Jerry Reese has built? There is no identity to this team. The only element that is consistent… is the fact that this NY Giants team is always inconsistent.

While there are vocal leaders on this team like JPP, Kiwi and Rolle…these players do not make enough “big time” plays to be taken seriously. The philosophy of only drafting little known players to be “coached up” is not working. The Giants should be in the class with the Patriots, Steelers and the Packers.

Eli Manning can be the modest calculated quite leader, but this team needs a protagonist to stir the pot, carry a chip and have some swagger…talk is cheap.