Posted by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

You are not alone in thinking there is something missing with the New York Giants offense.

You are also allowed to ask yourself “why does everything seem to be clicking for Ryan Nassib and the back up players and not Eli Manning and the offensive starters?”

Frankly, the starting offense looks light years away from being the “high impact” offense Ben McAdoo promised New York Giants fans.  Eli Manning has always been a drop back, five step, throw the ball down field type of quarterback. 

Now, the 10 year veteran looks rushed and out of sync.  The bigger concern is someone needs to fix it and quickly.   Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle are nowhere to be found and this Friday when the Giants take on the Jets, one can only hope that No. 10 and his offense finds something that works.

The Giants Jets match ups have been taken serious for years.  Both organizations play to win and this Friday will be no different.  Coach Rex Ryan and his Jets are always trying to prove that they have captured the fancy of New York football fans everywhere and the Giants are always there to shut the door on their little brother.

Expect Eli Manning to play deep into the 2nd quarter.  Manning needs the work and so does his offense.   Mosley and Richburg need to make a statement who wants the job at right guard and the rest of the offensive line needs to show they can shut down an aggressive, blitz happy defensive like the Jets.

If Manning can string together two good series where the offense marches down the field with productive plays from Cruz, Randle and Jernigan the fan base will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to opening day vs. the Detroit Lions. 

If the passing game continues to falter, expect the Giants to fall back on a ground and pound game.  The signing of free agent running back Rashad Jennings has been a breath of fresh air and rookie Andre Williams might turn out to be the biggest draft steal since the Giants drafted Ahmad Bradshaw in the 7th round in 2007.

Expect Peyton Hillis to make a significant contribution.  He is a superb pass catching threat out the backfield and spells relief to Jennings.  Hillis also brings diversity at the goal line in McAdoo’s offense just as did John Kuhn did for Green Bay.

Friday night we expect to see Eli Manning step up and take control over his offense and move forward in the next chapter of his New York Giants career.