One wins does not cure the Giants core problems.  The fan base is ready to call for a mutiny(rightfully so), the coaches are trying to keep their jobs and the players, well…are still getting paid for producing really bad football.

So what do Giants fans do?  Sunday is nothing but an after thought now.  The purpose of this Giants blog is to supply some quick mindless entertainment but now the writers are at a loss also.   So the question of the week is, “As the season wears on what do you do when the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys take over your TV?

Eagles:  Every time I hear that “Fly Eagles Fly” song, I cringe.  New York would never adopt something so college fraternity.  The funny thing is that the”fight song” becomes more theatrical every year, now with guys with flags and fireworks.

This week the NFL announced that Eagles Linebacker Connor Barwin is the Defensive Player of the Month, which makes me think of two things.  Can you imagine if Barwin was still rushing the opposite side of JJ Watt or for the Giants?  And secondly, maybe there is something to this fight song thing.  The Eagles defense can really get after the QB.

Cowboys:  The cowgirls will just not die.  They loose their all world Defensive End(DeMarcus Ware), their QB breaks his back, their star Wide Receiver acts like a piece of garbage on national TV and their stud middle linebacker blows out his knee during training camp, yet the sit atop of the division.

The Cowboys have one of the youngest offensive lines in football and yes Zack Martin could have been a Giant; however, that would mean no Odell Beckham Jr.   Martin is good but we can see that Beckham is already special.

The Eagles and the Cowboys square off this weekend in Philadelphia…so, who do you choose to root for when you hate both teams?   There must be something else on TV that captivates my attention like the Walking Dead.

Damn that’s off now too!