Monday Morning Manning: Week 5

By: Marco Imperati
In what maybe some expected to be a non-emotional, smooth sailing Giants win, this game was the opposite and more. At critical points in the game, there were roughly 8 starters that were out of the game.

In the final drive of the game, the Wide Receivers that were lined up were Dwayne Harris, Geremy Davis, and Miles White. What we have come to figure out from this Eli Manning lead Giants team, fans will always be on the edge of their seat and have a lot to sort out at the end of the game.

However, Eli Manning is the guy that picks up this team on his back and finds a way to get the job done. Finding Larry Donnell on a beutiful pass and catch play in the end zone will go down as one of the best plays Manning has made in his career. Lots to work on, but onto Philly!

Some goods:
Ereck Flowers. This Good, tough rookie probably should have made this list weeks ago. Everyone (my hand is raised) were skeptical about a rookie filling in at left tackle and protecting the franchise quarterback’s back side. Dealing with an ankle sprain, Flowers refuses to miss time, has garnered the respect of Tom Coughlin, and is playing beyond his years.

Shane Vereen. This is why Vereen was paid heavily in free agency by the Giants great security blanket for the Giants. I get it—It’s hard to feed so many talented guys on offense. After OBJ, this is the guy who needs to be a centerpiece on offense. He’s a mismatch for linebackers and opens options for the offense.

Odell Beckham Jr. The team, game, buzz is just different when this guy is on the field. He makes big plays and just draws so much attention. After sitting out with a tweaked hamstring, he came back in on the most important drive of the game to draw a game changing pass interference.

Some bad’s:

Marshall Newhouse two big penalties. Both penalties negated a big OBJ and Vereen play. Newhouse has been solid and is playing about as good as anyone could have wished.
Dwayne Harris dropping balls. He’s playing on almost every team there is in a game. However, it seems like Harris has a few big drops in every game.

Jon Beason. Out again. This time with an early first quarter collision that lead to a concussion. It remains to be seen what his availability will be since he has to go through the NFL mandated protocol. One thing that can’t be denied, this guy can’t stay healthy. It’s so unfortunate because the defense plays at a different tick with Beason leading from the middle.

Odell Beckham Jr. interesting that he’s making “Goods and Bads”. OBJ does more good than I could wish. I just want him to be smarter as the attention he gets builds by the millisecond. I’m one fan hoping his hamstring was not tweaked by his end zone dance.

Up next: The Giants will play in Philadelphia against the rival Eagles in a huge (isn’t every game??) on Monday Night Football in Week 6. Besides the usual front and center storylines when the Giants and Eagles lock up, fans should be taking a long deep breath before they see the Giants long injury list. TBD to be seen who lines up next Monday night in Philly.