By Michael J Basile, @MdoubleJB

Daniel Jones and the Giants have made big blue nation numb this season.  They are 2-10 and haven’t won a game since September.  NFL fans that used to look at the NYG organization as one of the most revered in the league now see it as a complete disaster.  Daniel Jones continues to make ill-advised throws but it’s extremely difficult to fault him with the dumpster fire that surrounds him. 

The Digits:

They were ugly: Jones was 20-37 for 249 yards a TD and 3 INT’s. The interceptions were either bad throws or horrible reads, and he continues to force the ball into windows that just aren’t there.

Areas to improve:

Jones just makes plays way more difficult than they have to be.  Instead of forcing a ball 15 yards downfield into tight coverage he needs to take the three yard check down and let the play happen. Take what the defense gives you! The sacks and turnovers are mounting in record fashion.

Danny Dimes:

The TD to Sterling Shepard, along with the entirety of quarter one answered the question of whether or not Jones can play in this weather. He has the arm to overcome inclement conditions.

Jones to rookie Darius Slayton at times looks like the second coming of Montana to Rice, okay not quite…but seriously those two have serious chemistry.

Next up:

Monday night against Philly: The way this season has played out really makes you scratch your head. If the Giants weren’t a complete dumpster fire they could’ve easily been in a position to win the NFC East. 

I still feel good about Daniel Jones because he’s very comfortable in many different scenarios and can deliver the ball with confidence despite all else failing around him.  It’s now up to the rest of the organization to supply him with all of the ammunition he needs to progress.  Let’s see what happens Monday night, when the rookie gets his first taste of playing in Philly.