By Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Guests who showed up last night against New England? The same ole Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones continues to be average and for the life of me…I can’t figure out if it’s the predictable offensive scheme or the lack of balls from Daniel Jones. I am in full support of Jones, but at some point, this staff needs to take off the training wheels and go for it. Let him throw the ball downfield.

Rookie Mistakes:

I was having flashbacks of a young Eli Manning as Jones constantly stares down his receivers. He almost threw a pick-six on the sidelines, throwing off a huge spotlight on the primary receiver. The pick in the endzone was bad and yet I’m not crushed over it as I feel he needs to get on the same page as his Tight End. Sit or Slide…which is it? In fact, I don’t think Jones and Engram are ever on the same page and I long for Rudolph to get healthy.

He still doesn’t scan the field, look receivers off, or get the ball out of hands fast enough. For the most part, you know where Jones is going with the ball as soon as he drops back. Then like some miracle plucked out of the ether…he surprises you with a pass you haven’t seen him execute since his rookie year or the opening game against Pittsburgh last season which leaves you fist-pumping and high-fiving strangers.

Go For It:

Garrett or Kitchens needs to allow Jones to be a gunslinger. Let the receivers make plays. Pre-season was important and I wish Jones had more reps than he received. However, last night Jones was stuck throwing 5 to 10-yard passes and check-downs. He needs to mentally get in the right place. If you want to build his confidence….let him throw the damn ball. His longest throw of the night was a 23 yard back shoulder zip to Kaden Smith for a TouchDown. More of this, please.

The Numbers: 17 | 22 | 135 yards | 1TD | Int

Outside the Hash:

Garrett should also try and get Jones pushing the ball outside the hash marks and on the sideline. Out & Up, Wheel routes, and mid-range Outs. Where are the quick slants? Where is the dig/out route we saw Shep crushing during camp? The offensive looks exactly the same as it did last year with slow crossing routes and curls. It’s now or never for Jones, open up the playbook and let him throw the ball down the field. Pre-season doesn’t matter, so let him sling the ball. Oh, yea… it’s too late now.