By Michael J Basile @MikeyFresh04

The 2021 NYG backup QB stands at 6’7” while McCoy is only 6’1”.  While McCoy got it done last year when called upon, Glennon is easily better than McCoy.

If Jones has to miss any significant time, Glennon showed some key characteristics that he’s capable of holding the GMen offense together.  He was 10-13 for 86 yards, but the results don’t matter as much in these pre-season games. I look for a player to have confidence and Glennon showed several times was his awareness to go through his reads. He completed passes to the 2nd and 3rd receiving options while remaining poised in his progressions. He is an experienced player with 34 games and 7 NFL seasons under his belt, with a completion % over 61, QB rating of 83.5, and TD-INT ratio of 43-25.

Best Throw of the Day:

While Sunday afternoon heated up, Glennon was solid. Fans were most likely looking for some signs of life from their backup QB His best throw of the day was a bullet to back up Tight End Rysen John. Glennon finally showed off his arm and fired a 24-yard strike to John, giving fans something to smile about.

A lot of teams have their seasons completely ruined if their starting QB goes down but Giant fans should feel good about the backup in NY.