Welcome to Pain’s Points, offseason edition, a recurring list and thought process that gives all Giants fans…well, Pain. The season might be over but it’s never too early to evaluate the roster.

Pain Point #1: Will Hernandez

The 2018 draft class has been ugly and unproductive, Will Hernandez might be the leader of that group. Considered a steal at the time (every time the Giants get a “steal” in the draft it never works out) at pick number 34, the general consensus among analysts and fans was that we got a 1st round graded tough guard for our new shiny running back. Will had a decent rookie year and was even selected to the All-Rookie team.

Since then, you might as well call him slope because it has been all downhill. He regressed in his sophomore year, missed half the season in his 3rd year, and has just completed his worst season as a pro. In his contract year, Will gave up a total of 37 pressures, 7 sacks and was called for 8 penalties. I had high hopes for Will moving to RG from LG, but alas, like most of this past decade, it is all hope…and no results. I can’t foresee seeing Will back in a Giants uniform.

Pain Point #2: Lorenzo Carter

 Did I mention the 2018 draft class was bad? Let’s keep that trend going right here. Lorenzo Carter was another pseudo “steal” (I die a little every time I say this) as a 3rd round pick. He was brought in to add to the pass rush and create havoc. With 4 sacks while only playing 44% of the snaps on defense in his rookie year, the Giants believed they had something. In his sophomore year, as his snap count went up to 69% of team snaps, statistically he did level up in his QB hits, tackles and even had ½ a sack more than his rookie year. However, there were too many instances where we didn’t know he was on the field.

Last season he got hurt 5 games into the season so we don’t know what he would have accomplished. Coming into his contract year, Patrick Graham raved about his progress and how he was ready to be unleashed. It looks like this Georgia Bulldogs leash never quite came off. Putting up pedestrian numbers while playing 66% of snaps on defense just isn’t going to cut it. The snap counts tell you that he was never trusted to be a three-down OLB/Edge defender. Carter finished with 5 sacks, and they all came in the final 4 games of the season. He missed 3 games this season and had a total of 2 QB hits through the first 14 weeks of the season. Another mid-round prospect that just didn’t produce, I can’t see the Giants bringing back Carter on a second contract.

Pain Point #3: Evan Engram

Another player in his contract year that I can’t see coming back. A chess piece was drafted by a team that was playing checkers. Engram is an athletic and undersized tight end with 4.4 speed that should be deployed strictly as a pass-catcher. Asked to block a lot more than his frame and style allows, Engram was often mismatched in that department. As a pass-catcher, drops killed him (we will never forget the drop in Philly that would have sealed a win for us) and he was responsible for multiple interceptions when targeted.

Missing multiple games every season throughout his career, he statistically had his worst season as a pro, gaining 408 yards and just 3 TDs on a team depleted at the wide receiver position. The Giants are still a team playing checkers and have no use for the inconsistent, oft-injured chess piece. A first-round draft pick that has produced like a late-round flyer, Engram has little to no chance of being back on this team.

Stay tuned for more, there are always Pain Points in life, especially if you are a Giants fan. Remember, this is our Pain and we have every right to be mad about it.