Mario Manningham to the 49ers.

Kevin Boss to the Chiefs.

When the ink is dry, two recent Super Bowl winners and team members of the New York Giants will have a new home.

Manningham will team up with Alex Smith, Vernon Davis and the resurging 49ers, who last week signed one recently retired…Randy Moss.

Manningham was a great receiver who contributed 160 catches for 2315 yards, 14.5 yards per catch and 18 touchdowns.  Not too shabby for a guy who always was considered the second and some time third option for Eli Manning.

So What Does the Future Hold for the Giants Offense?

The worse running attack in the NFL in 2011 won the Super Bowl, but in the business of football, 2012 will be here soon, and the questions are mounting.

Can the Giants succeed without their starting tight end (Jake Ballard), their backup tight end and their outside receiving threat?

The Giants Signed a New Tight End

The Giants recently signed Martellus Bennett, the former Dallas Cowboy backup tight end.  His attitude is that he can make a difference on the Giants and wasn’t afraid to say it.

I want to be the No. 1 guy,” Bennett told Pro Football Talk. “I feel like I’m a 60-catch-plus guy on a team, so I want to be in a system where I could do that.

Now let’s see him prove it. 

What About at Receiver?  Manningham Was a Major Contributor

Giants GM Jerry Reese dusted off the script from last offseason and handed it out at the parade.

As taken from ESPN Florida, Reese said at the NFL Scouting Combine, “We drafted (Jerrel) Jernigan in the third round (in 2011), so we expect him to make the jump.  Ramses Barden, who we drafted a couple years ago, had some injury issues, we expect him to contribute as well.”

Did he say Barden?

Jernigan has a ton of speed and reminds me a bit of DeSean Jackson.   Jackson is a bit taller.  Jernigan is a bit heavier…but they are both small by NFL standards.

Even if Jernigan steps up, what can we expect from a 5’8″ receiver? The last receiver the Giants drafted at 5’8″ was Sinorice Moss, and you remember how that turned out.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz flourished this season by creating rapport with his quarterback during the lockout this past season.   Cruz and Manning could be found running routes and throwing passes at high schools around the north New Jersey region.

Perhaps Jernigan should inquire about some one-on-one time with No. 10.

Chiefs Land Kevin Boss

Some fans thought Kevin Boss might have a second tour of duty with the Giants; however, it has been reported by USA Today Sports that the tight end signed a three-year deal worth $9 million with Kansas City.

That does not count the extra cash ($2 million) still owed to him by the dysfunctionalOakland Raiders.

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