Twitter makes me nuts: Stop the Eli and Coughlin hate

Twitter can just about drive anyone crazy.  Today some spackle head was spouting off how Tom Coughlin(69 yrs.) is a senile, old man with antiquated coaching strategies.  If that is so…how does Pete Carroll(65 yrs.) do it so well?  They are only 4 years apart.

Tom Coughlin’s time with the Giants might have come, and he gracefully fell on the sword for a terrible GM…but there is no room to disrespect the man.

A few minutes later I stumbled across 2 more “tweets” that link to annoying articles highlighting how Eli Manning is not as good as Bengals QB, Andy Dalton and that Manning is the highest paid flop in the NFL.   As a Giants fan and one who covers these games for your reading pleasure and entertainment I want to be clear that all the “haters” should go and find another team to root for.   And you national writers…you’ve been given a voice, can you please search for one original thought in your head…the Eli hate is tired.

Now on to Tom Coughlin.  He took over a Giants team that was flat-out sorry.   He brought back respect and a style of play to be proud of.  Some players were afraid of the discipline and some were afraid of the hard work….it worked out to the tune of 2 Super Bowl Rings and 3 NFC East titles.  Think that’s easy…I don’t see the Cowboys, or the Redskins or the Eagles matching that production.

In that span – 11 coaches for the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins = Zero Super Bowls

It was time for Tom to retire, but to say Tom Coughlin was over rated is just irresponsible. Please stop the Eli and Coughlin hate.  Even the longest tenured coaches in the NFL:  Fisher, Reid and Lewis all have roughly the same winning percentage as Tom Coughlin, without the Super Bowls. Mike Tomlin and Payton are not far off either…each with 1x Super Bowl.

As one Twitter follow of NYGiantsRush said, “Tom served the meal, JR cooked the meal…don’t kill the waiter.”

Without talent, Coughlin struggled to win.  30 players Jerry Reese drafted are no longer in the NFL.  That equates to 4 years of wasted draft picks.  Reese gets paid millions of dollars to shape and build the roster.   Coughlin may have had some input, but Coughlin was not getting paid to develop personnel, hence Reese and Ross having a high paid job.

His time is over, let’s respect the man who brought fans 2 Super Bowls in 5 years.  Can anyone else say that…anyone that doesn’t get caught cheating twice?

What else did Coughlin do?

  1. Fixed Tiki Barber – league leader in fumbles to top rusher in NFL.
  2. Strahan Stomp – got Strahan out retirement and stomped Brady in the SB
  3. Spags – Eagles would not give Spags a chance.  Coughlin did and won!
  4. 2 SB teams – took 2 totally different teams to Super Bowl
  5. Who’s #3 – Put unknown #3 on the field in a preseason game…Cruuuzzzzz

Eli Manning Wins:

Manning was ranked the 10th best quarterback by his peers on the NFL Top 100 list. While Eli Manning is better than Andy Dalton, fans should be happy with the ranking compared to the hate that comes for PFF (stat geeks) and ESPN(zero originality).

Eli Over paid?  The guy restructured 3x so the Giants could resign players.  He’s finally getting his money, give it rest.   Isn’t it time to hate on guys like Sam Bradford, Alex Smith and Mathew Strafford?  Those 1st round picks are useless as a $2 dollar bill, yet no national writers are standing up and trashing them week after week after week.

by Shane Sharkey