Giants vs Redskins: Rant & Rave – Week 12

Where to begin?  There are so many points of contention that I struggle with what to say and how to say it.  Here is your Rant & Rave…the beyond pissed off version.

Rant:  How can a Tom Coughlin team that is coming off a bye week, and coming off a laser focused effort versus the New England Patriots completely lay down and get rolled over by the likes of Jay Gruden and the Washington Redskins.  There is no excuse for that performance.  It was embarrassing from the very first series to the last.

There is no room for a “last minute surge”.

Rant: Does Ben McAdoo need an invitation to open up the “dynamic offense” he implemented.   For a guy that everyone likes, he is making the fans hate his guts very quickly.  Does he care…no, but he will be on the outside looking in when there is a new coach directing this team.  

Rant: The FOUR rotating back has to stop!   The offensive line is in shambles, there isn’t any holes for a slow back.  The only backs that should have touched the ball should have been Darkwa and Vereen.  Is McAdoo afraid to hurt some one’s feelings?  His entire game plan was a joke.   With half the 4th quarter gone and desperation in his eyes he decides to go to the Tight End.  And it works…a little too late!

Rant: Rueben Randle is a veteran receiver.  How does he drop a ball thrown right to him every game.  How does he disappear for half the game?  His sister is blaming Eli on Twitter.  Watch the game film…lazy releases, lazy patterns and a player that is disinterested.

Rant: Jayron Hosley weighs a 180 pounds.  Who is he going to stop?  He is crushed against the run.  His “speed” never shows up during game time, and he has no idea how to look back for the ball.  The Eagles and the Redskins have exposed him greatly.  Jerry Reese drafted him so expect him to have a safe roster spot.  Replace him with who, you ask?   Will Blackmon won a Super Ring with Giants and he picked off Eli yesterday for starters.  Bowman and Harris also come to mind as player just as serviceable.

Rant: How does every team in the NFL run a perfect screen, but the Giants.   Shane Vereen is deadly with the ball and the Giants line can not block…so run a screen.   Then run it again, until they stop it.  Where was the roll out and the quick pitch?  Try something!

Rant: The offensive line is down right horrible with out Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg.   While you can feel bad for Schwartz because he got rolled up on…this is a perfect example of Jerry Reese bottom feeding.  Reese has never just went out and signed the best guy available that can impact the team immediately. Jerry…stop drafting and signing guys that need to be COACHED UP.   It does not work!

Rant:  One stop…that’s all the Giants needed on defense.  One stop at the end of the 4th quarter.  Spags needs to rip this defense apart in the off season.  They have zero identity or toughness.  Devin Unga might lack some talent, but the guy flies around the field.  His jersey was completely clean.  

Kennard was missing in action yesterday.   Without Jon Beason and Hankins this team is going through the motions.  Beason maybe a goner and his body may have failed him, but the guy put a spark in the defense. 

Rant:  Harris?   I love him…but he needs to know where the end zone line is.  This isn’t high school, you’re being paid to be a special teams stud.  

Rave: Odell Beckham Jr.  Enough said.