NY Giants Rush Update: Odell Beckham Vs Josh Norman Round 2

By Andrew Santoro

After the whistle and even after the game the fighting continues. Odell Beckham has been suspended one game following his actions in the Sunday afternoons slug-fest, and it is a travesty.

The fight however, will seem to carry on as Beckham and The NFL Player Association will surely appeal the ruling handed down by The NFL, on Monday. Since the conclusion of the game things have only seemed to heat up, Josh Norman was quoted after the game saying “Odell Is a ballerina and does not belong on the football field,” when Beckham was asked about the altercations after the game, he tried to deflected the questions simply saying, “They’re (The Panthers)  a great team” also “They’re 14-0 for a reason.”

Shockingly Eli Manning, the Giants reserved leader said “Norman seemed to be crying a little out there” and was the first voice to somewhat defined OBJ. Anyone watching the game could clearly see Norman body slam Beckham on the first drive, and pull his face mask soon after, but what most people didn’t see is what  Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Monday that Josh Norman and another players were seen taunting Odell with a baseball bat, YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, A BASEBALL BAT!

Somehow the bat is deemed “motivational” for these defensive backs, yet…we all know weapons do not belong on an NFL sideline, let alone pointing it at OBJ while exclaiming that they plan on ending his career.

We all know that the NFL’s hot button topics change with the wind. Last year it was domestic abuse and with Greg Hardy.  You tell that was a complete joke as Hardy is still employed.

The year before that was bullying, with the whole Jonathan Martin scandal. Is bullying not when someone is  attacked without reason?  Physically or Verbally?  Beckham has always been described as a prima-donna and soft. The only way to beat a bully is to stand up to them, and that is exactly what Beckham did, and now he is being bombarded and victimized by the media and the NFL as a whole.

Furthermore, regardless of what you think of Beckham, one thing is certain, if the officials would have done their jobs and taken control of the game by penalizing both teams for their actions earlier,  it may have defused all of the dirty play from the start, but the NFL never considers that.  Down grading refs will be their response to this.

Allow me to clarify, I  am not saying Beckham has done nothing wrong, I am saying whatever Beckham is guilty..also goes equally for the Panthers Defensive players. Although it may have been against the rules…I applaud Beckham for standing up for himself, especially as more comes out about the pre-game antics from Norman and his teammates.

I would welcome back the days of old when ruthless player like Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, and the greatest play of all time Lawrence Taylor dominated this game. Football is a game based on aggression and sometimes players take it to far, but there is no need to crucify someone over it. It’s one game…no need for a funeral.